Several building repair and improvement project proposals will be coming before the USD 489 school board in the coming weeks.

At Monday night’s meeting, Rusty Lindsay, director of buildings and grounds, shared the bids for roof replacement at Roosevelt and Hays Middle schools, and also informed the board of two more projects coming up for bid.

Lindsay said he would be out of town during the next board meeting on March 25, so he wanted to provide the information Monday.

The board will consider approval of the roofing bids at that meeting.

The low bid for Roosevelt was from High Plains Roofing, 1710 E. 10th, at $241,298. Wray Roofing, North Newton, had the low bid for HMS at $46,120.

On March 18, bids will be opened for updating the clock and intercom systems at the high school. Infrastructure for the phone and camera systems will also be upgraded at the same time, but updating those systems will take place at a later date, Lindsay said.

The Comdial Phone System is “slowly dying,” Lindsay said, but replacing it will require some preparation for a Voice over Internet Protocol system.

“Basically what it comes down to, we don’t have the infrastructure to support what we’re wanting to do as far as VoIP,” he said.

The clock system is also failing and is what contributed to the shutdown of HVAC, parking lot and walkway lights at Hays High School a few weeks ago during a Friday basketball game.

“The camera system that we have in place there is currently outdated. I don’t have the budget to replace the cameras at this time, but if we’re going to be pulling wire for the phones, we’re going to be doing our clocks, it isn’t going to cost that much more to go ahead and pull the wire to do the camera system at the same time and have in place,” he said.

The budget is about $150,000 for the infrastructure updates, Lindsay said.

On Thursday, bids will be opened for secure entrances for the high school and middle school. The middle school is expected to be the less expensive project.

“The middle school front entrance is in good shape. We’ve just got to replace a door and put in a breezeway that we can use as a control area,” he said.

At Hays High, the whole front entryway will be replaced. After classes begin, the entry and breezeway doors leading to the main corridor will be locked. A hallway will be added to the breezeway that will take visitors directly to the office to check in and be allowed entry to the classroom areas.

Those plans and bids will be presented to the board at its March 25 meeting, Lindsay said.