Just three months into 2019, the Hays area is ahead of normal for snowfall and moisture.

That comes on the heels of 2018 being the third-wettest year since 1868, according to records provided by the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center at Hays.

At the end of February, the center recorded a total of 14.7 inches of snow since the start of the year, almost 6.25 inches above average.

January’s snowfall at the center was 6.5 inches, with all but a half inch of that falling on Jan. 12. The average for the first month of the year is 3.51 inches.

February saw 8.2 inches of snow, with 7 inches of that falling on Feb. 24. The average is 4.96 inches.

Precipitation is somewhat ahead of normal as well. Total accumulation for the first two months of the year is 1.65 inches, almost half an inch above average.

January’s snow plus some trace rainfalls brought 0.88 inch of precipitation, almost twice the average, while February’s 0.77 inch was just three-tenths above normal for the month.

Sunday’s snow added 4 inches, already putting March above the monthly average of 3.96 inches. That added 0.3 inches of moisture to the yearly total.

Tuesday also brought a new record low at the center at 6 below zero. The previous record was -5, set in 1960.