Proposed 2020 budgets for various departments in Ellis County were presented to the Ellis County Commissioners at a special session Friday in the basement of the Ellis County Fire and Emergency Management building, 1105 E. 22nd.

Ellis County Commissioners previously asked every department head to make 1.5 percent cuts to their 2019 budgets, with the goal being to cut $2 million out of the budget for 2020. Department heads presented the budgets with some commentary on what had changed.

“Overall we hit the 1.5 percent,” said County Administrator Phillip Smith-Hanes of the proposals. “Some departments gave a little more and others a little less.”

Public hearings on the budgets will be this summer.

About half the county budgets were presented Friday. The remaining ones will be presented 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Cottonwood Extension District building, 601 Main. The session is open to the public.

The 2020 budget proposals presented at Friday’s meeting include:

• Noting that 97 percent of his budget is for salaries, County Attorney Tom Drees requested $901,804, including $865,804 for salaries.

• District Court Administrator Amanda Truan submitted a $380,645 budget, the bulk of that, $350,945, to hire mandated court-appointed attorneys.

• Mike Leiker, director of Information Technology, said contractual payments, such as phone leases, and salaries make up the bulk of his department’s requested $657,422 budget.

• Fire Chief and Emergency Manager Darin Myers requested $76,315 for Emergency Management, $617,427 for the Fire Department, $208,500 for the 911 Communications Center, and $63,950 for Communications.

• Public Works Director Bill Ring requested $4.69 million for Public Works, with $2.7 million for salaries; $451,800 for contractual services, including $260,000 for highway and bridge repairs and services; and $1.4 million for commodities, including $400,000 for diesel fuel, $420,000 each for asphalt for overlays and sealing, $120,000 for machinery parts, and $110,000 for rock.

• For the Noxious Weed Department, Ring proposed a $919,400 budget, estimating revenue from herbicide sales will be $480,000.

• For the Environmental Department, Ring proposed a budget of $190,555, most of that salaries and benefits.

• For Solid Waste, Ring presented a $1.23 million proposed budget, reflecting revenues of $1.13 million, and contractual expenses of $482,000 for freight and express and solid waste disposal fees.

• Treasurer Lisa Schlegel presented a proposed $534,676 budget, most of that being salaries at $451,916. Revenue is estimated to total $196,500, with $195,000 of that being from increased interest income on investments.

• Emergency Medical Service, with a budget request of $3.03 million, will see an estimated $995,000 in fees collected, and $2.8 million in salaries and benefits.