Kimberly Schneweis, a longtime Hays Middle School art educator and KNEA member for the past 30 years, received the Kansas NEA Teaching Excellence award at the spring KNEA Representative Assembly in Topeka for her dedication to students and the teaching profession.


“It is important for teachers to advocate for their students beyond the classroom walls,” Schneweis said. “Their success depends on access to excellent teachers. We must work to make sure our profession is able to attract a bright new supply of teachers to continue our important work.”


Schneweis was chosen by a committee comprised of KNEA president Mark Farr, members of the KNEA board of directors and other distinguished educators.


“I would love to have been a student in Kim’s class,” Farr said. “She never just teaches the content. She is the epitome of of what we need in our classrooms: creative in her approach to teaching, committed to continual learning and improving her practice, serving as a role model in the Hays community. She is truly interested in each individual student’s life and success.”


Schneweis, a leader in the Hays NEA, Kansas NEA and National Education Association, will represent Kansas as an eligible recipient of the 2020 National Education Association Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence.


The KNEA and NEA Foundation teaching excellence awards are based on the same five criteria: professional practice, advocacy for the profession, community engagement, leadership in professional development and attention to diversity.