Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner wants to reunite small businesses with money that has somehow gone unclaimed.

Currently the Treasurer’s office has more than $50 million dollars that belongs to “non-human entities,” which means businesses, schools, cities, counties and the like.

Of that $50 million, the bulk belongs to small businesses, such as family farms, local gas stations, lawn care businesses and corner cafes.

“Kansans are tremendously vigilant when it comes to searching our website for themselves and/or their loved ones but it’s important to know that roughly 15 percent of the missing money that the state owes your community is owed to the businesses within your community,” said LaTurner in a news release. “Local businesses often invest locally and it is gratifying to watch unclaimed money go from just sitting in Topeka to being returned and reinvested within communities throughout the state.”

LaTurner said one such opportunity came about last year when his office was touring all 105 Kansas counties conducting local searches to connect Kansans with their unclaimed cash.

“In the city of Sedan, a local resident noticed a substantial sum of money that belonged to the Sedan City hospital,” LaTurner said. “She reached out to the hospital administrator and they were able to claim $24,000, just the amount they needed to finish the hospital’s aging roof.”

Both the hospital and the residents of Sedan were delighted at the windfall, he said.

The new roof meant they could finish the much-needed renovations for the hospital without adding extra financing. In a town the size of Sedan, keeping the hospital open means hundreds of citizens won’t have to drive hundreds of miles for medical care, people who work for the hospital can continue to keep their jobs, and family members of those who need hospital care can remain close by while their loved ones are being looked after.

Kansans can search online at kansascash.com.