The Hays USD 489 school board will consider approving bids for replacing a section of student parking at Hays High School and re-keying door locks at four buildings at its regular meeting Monday.

The board will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Toepfer Board Room of the Rockwell Administration Center, 323 W. 12th.

The low bid for concrete work on the HHS parking lot was from Brian’s Concrete Services, 2600 E. Seventh, at $96,600. Commercial Builders, 2717 Canal Blvd., also submitted a bid at $118,900.

The door lock project will re-key or install more than 400 locks at the high school, middle school, Roosevelt Elementary School and Early Childhood Connection’s new facility at the former Oak Park Medical Complex, 2501 E. 13th.

Re-keying locks at Lincoln and O’Loughlin Elementary will be planned in the next couple of years.

The ECC locks will cost $17,000, and that amount will come from the federal Head Start Grant ECC received for renovations of the office complex.

Low bid for the project was from Royal Architectural Products, Amarillo, Texas, at $127,370. Bids were also received from IML Security Supply, Denver, at $128,322; Topeka Foundary Commercial Door Co., Topeka, at $133,620; and CBS Manhattan LLC, Manhattan, at $136,189.

The district has received a matching grant from the state for $57,773 for the project.

The locks to be re-keyed are all interior door locks, Rusty Lindsay, USD 489 buildings and grounds director, told the school board at its April 29 meeting.

The Sargent lock system will allow for keys to be used for “suites” of rooms. Lindsay explained that using the high school science rooms as an example.

“Those teachers share rooms, they share equipment, they share the same storage for chemicals and supplies. So that suite would all be keyed into one room key so that everyone in that suite would have access to those rooms,” he said.

Custodial staff would have master keys that allow access to rooms for cleaning, and administration would have grand master keys that would allow access to all locks in the building.

“We put a lot of thought into laying it all out so that we have an access control system that helps us control the area that we want to control, but also doesn’t have everybody carrying a key ring full of keys,” Lindsay said.

Board member Paul Adams asked why Lindsay specified the Sargent locks. Lindsay said that brand will be easier to repurpose.

He said the Sargent locks have removable cores that can be interchanged. If a key is lost, or if room suites need to be changed, the cores can be replaced or swapped instead of having to replace the entire lock.

Board member Luke Oborny asked about classroom security.

“This may seem like a silly question, but will they have the ability to lock themselves in the rooms?” Oborny said.

Lindsay said all the classroom locks will have what is known as an office function and will be able to be locked from the inside, unlike the classroom function locks installed when the buildings were constructed and security concerns were not like today.

The classroom function locks work only from the hallway side of the door, mainly to keep students from locking themselves in a classroom, Lindsay said.

“That’s not as big a concern now, because now, it’s more the crisis side of being able to lock that door,” he said.

Also on the agenda for Monday night’s meeting:

• Board members will consider approval of the classified handbook and revisions to the administrative handbook, board policies and the 2019-20 board meeting calendar.

• In new business, the board will hear about renewal of the Kansas Educational Risk Management Pool and property/casualty insurance. Chris Hipp, director of the West Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative, will present the district assessment recommendation.

• The board will also hear an update on the Oak Park complex from Matt Allen of Paul-Wertenberger Construciton and the Lincoln Elementary Site Council.

• An executive session is scheduled to discuss negotiations between the board and the Hays chapter of the National Education Association.