“They’re killing today! Please pray!”

When I was young, I could have never imagined those words being said to me. They belong in a sci-fi novel or horror movie. They should be words belonging to our past — a past riddled with human error, from times when we experienced Hitler, Stalin and widespread racial prejudice. But just today, I received those words in a text from Kevin, a Catholic convert who hands out pro-life resources and prays outside an abortion clinic in Fort Collins, Colo. Kevin has a network of people he reaches out to for prayer on abortion-providing days. Not once has he ever texted me: “They’re making choices today!” Rather, Kevin calls what is happening by name: Killing. Every woman who goes into the clinic with a living baby inside her, leaves empty, her dead baby left behind to be incinerated or his body parts sold for research. If this rhetoric seems too harsh, all the more proof that these unthinkable acts should not be happening.

Recently, a married mother of two walked into an abortion clinic. While she waited for the results of her sonogram to determine how far along she was, she confessed to those around her that her husband was adamantly against her aborting their child and that she’d been Catholic all her life. She also declared that she hoped her decision wouldn’t break up their marriage, but that she simply did not want to have another child. The sonogram results came back — she was at 32 weeks gestation — long past the supposed 24-week limit for this particular clinic; yet just moments later, her nearly full-term baby was killed with the full consent of his own mother.

To learn of this pierced my heart! It should pierce every heart that pulses with life. What a contradiction to the very title Mother! Certainly, this is a contradiction to our own mothers who gave us life and certainly a contradiction to Jesus’ Mother Mary, whose “Yes” to life and God’s will could have cost her own.

An abortion does not prevent a woman from becoming a mother, it makes her the mother of a dead child. How is it that so many who claim to be advocates for children and animals cannot see this? Sadly, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is one of the blinded. In a recent, bold move, she vetoed a bill that would have provided women with information on the ability to possibly reverse the effect of the abortion pill if they changed their minds after taking it. Isn’t this a legitimate “choice” woman should have? Since when is being enlightened with the truth, wrong? Since when is suppressing the truth, right? Never. Kelly went against her state’s representatives — elected by the people. To purposely withhold vital, life-giving information from anyone is deceptive — to withhold it from those who could be under extreme duress, is despicable.

You may be wondering at such a dreary commentary around Mother’s Day, but my true intention is to enlighten and to elevate motherhood, the miraculous, beautiful gift of procreation women have been given through the grace of God. I hope to inspire reflection, prayer and action, that we may not remain in this state of “killing,” but rather, choose to embrace the life-giving joy of the truth.

The truth is not what we choose it to be, it’s what is.

But for the “Yes” of our own mothers, we would not be here. But for the “Yes,” of those who have fought wars and sacrificed their lives to preserve life, we would not be here. God’s plan of salvation for mankind involved a woman — Mary. Contrary to the radical feminist rhetoric of today, which discourages women from gentleness, self-sacrifice, the joy in living to serve others, Mary’s life was lived to bring true hope, true love, and lasting joy to every soul. We also can change the world through our obedience to God.

The gift of motherhood does not stop at the birth of her child. Motherhood does not stop when our children pass away. The love of a mother can reach from one end of the earth to the other and from beyond the grave. A mother’s love is powerful, the connection to her child, forever. Motherhood is eternal. There is no stopping its potential for good, because motherhood is a gift from the One who is all good.

May this truth sink into every soul, and may God bless all mothers, in every circumstance, everywhere.

“And Mary said, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant. For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed.’” — Luke 1:46-48

 Elizabeth Schmeidler is a Christian author from Hays.