Just when you think partisan politics and political theatre can't get any worse, the Democrats are working harder than ever to literally destroy a Trump presidency. The leftist liberals and progressives in the congressional House are crossing the line in efforts to oust our president.


You would think, following the Robert Mueller report a few weeks ago, we, as a country, could move on to issues and agendas that matter most to Americans. But no, the hatred of our president, and taking him out, is upper most in the minds of a political party, most media, and what is known as the deep state. The Trump haters are determined to carry on more than ever.


The Mueller Report, after two years of investigating, 30 million tax dollars spent, umpteen subpoenas and witnesses testifying, the case should be closed. Nobody in the Trump presidential campaign of 2016 was found to be guilty of colluding with Russia. Therefore, case closed, and he is exonerated whether Mueller says so or not. The same should hold true for obstruction as well. The Trump/Russia collusion was a hoax to begin with, and logically how do you obstruct an investigation when there isn't even a crime to go with it from the very beginning?


When Dems on the House Judiciary Committee claim it is their constitutional duty to further investigate and it's important to our democracy for oversight purposes I cringe. (actually, I upchuck). Since when does a political party in Congress get the right to badger and harass, day in and day out, a president of these United States? It's not oversight, not even overreach. It's overkill.


Democrat Chairman Jerry Nadler and his like minded members on the committee are making a mockery of our Constitution. What is taking place in a legislative body that has become an investigative one instead makes history by standing our Constitution on its head. Another black mark in American history eroding our democracy.


Mueller sent his report to Attorney General William Barr of the Department of Justice as required, and then Barr made it available to the House committee with some redactions. Under Nadler's leadership, Barr is held in contempt for not illegally letting Nadler's minions see everything in the 448 page report. 98% wasn't good enough. By law, Barr can't send everything since there is classified grand jury information. For that matter, there is no law requiring Barr to send the report to anybody in the first place, yet he is held in contempt?


The infamous Mueller Report has many flaws. It reads in part like gossip columns. It should simply say there was or was not a crime committed on collusion and obstruction, however, it prints out to nearly 500 pages of gibberish. Mr. Integrity and Honorable Mueller (as all the libs call him) put out a very "unprofessional" investigative report and Dems are fit to be tied since he isn't putting Trump in jail for a crime.


I will be surprised if Mueller agrees to testify before the Senate or House, but I personally hope he does. Too many things don't add up. For example, why did he take the job in the first place and then hire an army of lawyers connected to the Clintons? How will he explain his scheme to keep the two year hoax alive as he refuses, after two years of investigating, to even make a final decision on obstruction? Some say he knew early on there was no collusion, but continued on for two years anyway at taxpayers expense.


My biggest question, that media never mentions, is how Mueller pretty much ignores in his report the Democrat collusion with Russia. After two years of investigating and Democrat collusion all over the place (and not by Trump), what's the reason for focusing on one and never on the other? How does he justify turning a blind eye to the real collusion when the two different camps are connected beyond belief?


Here's the big secret in all of this! Along with destroying Trump, these people are now out to do the same to Barr and here's the reason. Our relatively new AG is about to lower the boom on this whole Trump Russia thing. It's the Democrats, through Hillary and the Democrat National Committee, with help from the FBI and CIA, that have been colluding with Russia instead.


The tables have turned. Heads will roll. Look for a whole host of investigations. Too many people to name in this writing who were part of an attempted coup of our duly elected president; a president constitutionally elected by the people, not the hierarchy. Obama spying on the Trump campaign before he became president will be huge. Former FBI Director Comey is in hot water as is CIA Director Brennan and NIA Clapper. Obama and Hillary will be at the top of the list to be investigated.


None of this will be resolved soon. It may even take years, but if we are to be known as a true democratic republic, restoration of rule of law in this country and equal justice for all is a must. Laws and justice based on whether you are Democrat or Republican have got to go.


A good argument can be made that it is a God given miracle Trump, not only survives an onslaught of hell from the left, but still succeeds in a major way of making America great again.

— Lester Knoll