I was in the midst of a nightmare, where evil was good and good was evil. Light became darkness, and darkness was perceived as light; yet, I was not asleep. The sometimes daily and ever-increasing nightmare struck when I learned of a newly passed law in Washington state making it legal to use human remains as compost. Yes — you read that correctly — human remains as compost. Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee believes this method will be a “greener” choice for decomposing bodies, rather than cremation, and can “reduce carbon emissions.”

In the same day, my nightmare continued upon discovering that New York passed a bill, now headed to Democrat Governor Cuomo for his signature, that will make declawing a cat illegal. Whoa…wait a minute…what was that? The state that made history with the “anything goes” abortion policy allowing babies to be killed through all nine months of gestation, and even after they are born, actually expended the time and money to protect cats from pain and suffering? I love animals too, but such blatant, evil hypocrisy!

Please God…save us from this nightmarish world we are living in.

What will it take? How far will these radical Democrat politicians be allowed to go before the United States, as we know it, no longer exists? How degraded will our morals become, and how long will it take before each and every freedom fought for with the blood of patriots is stripped away, erased from the history books? Does this sound extreme? If so, reread the first two paragraphs and ask yourself if either law sounds extreme.

Our history is wrought with wars, mistakes, catastrophic events — this is obvious. But what is less obvious to many is that we are truly in the midst of unprecedented evil. Most of the time, the average person can recognize evil, but with the increase in shades-of-gray morality, many have become accustomed to carrying on with their lives amidst evil — and not only do they not see it, they cooperate with it.

Google, Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, and Twitter have all been caught suppressing truth—altering search engines, removing what they deem controversial, silencing conservative voices and promoting radical, liberal agendas. Recently, with her veto, Kansas Governor Kelly suppressed the truth about a woman’s option to reverse the effect of the abortion pill. She also happens to be a Democrat.

In truth, the Democrat party is completely unrecognizable from the party that our parents/grandparents were once a part of, and though many Republicans are holding on to the Christian values and principles our country was founded upon, some in the party remain apathetic fence-riders who thwart any real progress and give Democrats further opportunity to ultimately destroy all semblance of decency and morality our country possesses.

Am I exaggerating? Ponder the fact that cats are protected from pain, but unborn babies have their limbs severed or their necks punctured, and their brains suctioned out—all without benefit of anesthesia. Ponder the fact that Democrats tried to prevent ICE from being informed when an illegal immigrant tries to purchase a gun, and that Dems voted to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. (Hmmm…local elections now, but where will this lead to? Could this be why they are refusing to secure the border?) Ponder the fact that it’s the Dems who are fighting to make it illegal to use the wrong pronoun when addressing a transgender person, and it’s Democrats who, just yesterday, removed the words “so help me God,” from the oath witnesses take before testifying before committees.

Perhaps some reading this think I’m nothing more than an anti-Democrat who wishes to promote the Republican party. No. I would call out anyone behind these horrible decisions. In truth, my dad was a Democrat all his life, but in 1985, just before he passed away, he gave me this advice: “Don’t just vote for a particular party—vote for the man who will do the things for this country that God wants. The Democrat party is changing—some are in favor of killing unborn babies…and that’s as evil as it gets.”

As evil as it gets. Dad was spot on. Little did he know that those with Godly values would come to the point where they almost have no choice but to vote Republican, even when some of their policies may also be wrong. The seeds of evil that have been planted in our world have blossomed into insane, heinous policies that clearly show our world’s lack of respect for life. Every corner, every institute has been affected, including churches of all denominations. Unjust from the root up, these evil notions have led to the trickling down of more evil policies such as the passing of explicit sex education programs for grade-school age children, stripping them of their age of innocence—and yes, once again, it just happens to largely be the Democrats backing them.

Wake up, America. Awaken from your apathetic slumber and look around you. Rise up. Speak up. Read Psalm 94—see if the words don’t resonate within you. Mostly, pray, while there is time to do so.

Because the nightmare has only begun.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.” Isaiah 5:20