LENORA – A golf cart course designed to teach the dangers of distracted driving will be part of the festivities for the Fireman’s Fun day on Saturday in Jennings from 9:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m.

Based in Lenora, Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc., is a charitable, non-profit organization designed to fund, promote, and support educational projects, scholarships and community programs focused on youth. The W8T 2 TXT (Wait To Text) program this Saturday in Jennings will include a hands-on driving course, where participants operate golf carts on an outdoor obstacle course, while at the same time, trying to text on actual cell phones.Nex-Generation’s Executive Director Jacque Beckman said the goal is to build awareness.

“Let’s face it, we are on our phones a lot. When behind the wheel, our use of a phone – or any electronic device – becomes a huge distraction. At Nex-Generation, we are dedicated to helping students recognize these distractions and make better choices toward preventing traffic accidents and fatalities – choices that may save a life,” she said

Whenever possible, Nex-Generation incorporates local law enforcement or highway patrol personnel, too.

“It’s of great value to the students to see the county sheriff or deputies riding alongside them on the carts,” Beckman added. Beckman expresses the organization’s appreciation.

“We want to thank the community foundations, their committees and boards, as well as local residents, schools, and local law enforcement for their continued support of the program,” Beckman said.

To bring this free program to your school or community, contact Sherri Lowry with Nex-Generation at 785-877-6045, or e-mail: youth@nex-generation.org