Greetings Daily News Reader! Welcome to a new and updated “Faith Page”! For the past 160 months or so, I have shared with readers of the ONE Magazine a Bible reading plan. Reading the Bible everyday was a discipline that I began over 40 years ago. The Rev. Billy Graham wrote that a personal devotion time with an emphasis on reading the Scriptures was a discipline that he began shortly after his commitment to Christ. My devotional time soon turned into a strategy to read through the entire New Testament each year, and 1/3 of the Old Testament. If you would like to join me, you are starting at a great time. Download a Bible App on your phone or stop by Liberty Foursquare and we will give you a New Living Translation Bible, and let’s begin!

In the Old Testament, we have just finished the first 5 books of the Old Testament, and have just started reading the historical books. The narratives are engaging, and the work of the Holy Spirit is easy to identify. We will finish Judges, read the inspiring story of Ruth, and begin the writings of the Old Testament Prophet Samuel. You won’t get bored with these readings.

In the New Testament, we will be finishing up the books written to the Jewish-Christian churches of the First Century: Matthew, Hebrews, and James. We will then launch into the Gospel of Mark. Mark is thought by many theologians to be the Apostle Peter’s memoirs. The story is engaging, with the scenes and events moving rapidly.

With our ever-changing world, it is time to say goodbye to the ONE Magazine. Thanks to all who’ve faithfully read and commented on the magazine. Thanks to the Hays Daily for many years of publications. I hope this new change will engage even more people into developing a habit that can truly change lives for the better: spending time reading God’s Word every day! If you would like to read ahead – this plan is also available at our website,, click “Reading Plan”.