Sometimes the simplest notions bring about the greatest revelations. Such was the case when my 5-year-old granddaughter declared: “I’m wondering if I really belong here.”

Despite her young age, she was as smart as a whip and a deep thinker, so hearing those words caused my heart to sink like a boulder to the bottom of my stomach. Outwardly, I stayed calm, but inwardly, my mind raced: Why would she ever question where she belonged? Was she simply wondering how much longer it would take before her family moved into their new home, or was she referring to belonging in Heaven rather than on Earth?

When I asked her to explain, she was reluctant, seeming almost embarrassed to explain. Finally, after much coaxing as to what she meant by “here,” she answered, “Well … I think maybe I should be living in the sewer.”

The sewer?!

It took several confused seconds for me to process her answer before it dawned on me that she had recently watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with her daddy. Sure enough, she’d admitted she was a big fan — rattling off the turtle’s names and expressing admiration for their crime fighting lives in the sewer. Alas, the innocent imagination of a child was revealed.

Amused and relieved, I explained to her that Ninja Turtles were not real, and the sewer was no place for a sweet little girl or anyone to live. I wish I could have captured the appalled look on her face when I explained that the sewer was filled with waste and other vermin and did not possess secret, cozy, living quarters. As smart as she was, she wasn’t emotionally mature enough to fully discern reality vs. fantasy. She needed guidance … and truth.

Today, I woke to a thought: With our culture’s embracing of the “anything goes” and “politically correct” directives, soon it will be very difficult for parents/grandparents to illustrate simple, obvious facts to children — truth will seem subjective rather than objective. In the privacy of my home, I was able to confidently explain to my granddaughter that a turtle simply cannot become a Ninja; yet, the LGBTQ agenda promoters, mainstream media, left-wing politicians, and even children’s television programs and cartoons, are doing their best to force everyone to skew the truth — call a biological girl, a boy, and visa-versa. Anyone who doesn’t agree with this perception of “truth” is considered hateful.

Kansas Governor Kelly has been busy adding to the confusion. In June, she made national headlines, clearing the way for transgenders to change their birth certificate to reflect their “preferred” gender. Isn’t our birth certificate supposed to be a factual, legal document? Hmmm…are we a nation of laws or feelings?

Recently, according to news sources, Kelly drafted new guidelines that would force foster families and placement agencies to recognize a child’s preferred gender identity, use their pronouns of choice, and prevent them from trying to “impose traditional gender roles on the youth.”

Traditional? Roles? Is Kelly suggesting that parents and our society have gotten it all wrong since the beginning of time? Are we all just play-acting? It’s clear that she’s bought into the lie of gender “fluidity” — a ridiculous concept that throw outs science and embraces delusion and mental illness.

While to some, Governor Kelly’s ideas might seem reasonable and even compassionate, to those who work with foster kids, this could be the beginning of a nightmare — for them, for foster parents, and especially for the kids. These guidelines would include — read this carefully folks — allowing males who “identify” as females to have sleepovers/share a room with females and visa-versa. Yes. Kelly really is advocating this. It’s OK to gasp. In fact, we should be weeping for the foster children in our state, who are already confused and fragile due to their present circumstances. Sadly, as in the case of abortion, where innocent human beings are slaughtered in the subjective name of “choice,” it’s the children who ultimately suffer from the lies and delusions our culture has embraced.

Many clear-thinking foster parents reject the Governor’s proposed guidelines, which could potentially put children at risk while in their care; and ultimately, the policy could cause an even greater shortage of available homes — especially homes for teens and pre-teens. This is heartbreaking to say the least. Our children are our most valuable resource.

Where has common sense gone? When my young son wanted both boys and girls for his birthday sleep-over, I simply told him it wasn’t proper. (Adults are supposed to be wiser than kids.) Last I checked, 18 was the benchmark age to be considered mature. Allowing a 13-year-old girl to have a sleepover/share a room with a teenage boy is not only foolish, but reckless endangerment. Whether a child is 5 or 15, they should be able to count on a responsible authority to help them discern fact from fantasy and protect their minds and bodies, at least until they are adults and can better discern. In truth, no matter the age of the “transitioning” person — how can he/she really know what it will feel like to be another gender? Even after sex-reassignment surgery, a person is still biologically unchanged, and many transgenders regret their decision and the failed, painful, emotional journey.

Just how far is our society going to fall? Today, I watched a video presentation of an attractive young woman who was doing her very best to invoke sympathy for pedophiles and convince her audience that: “We should accept that pedophilia is a sexual preference.”

Does this raise your eyebrows? Dear God, I hope so, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Little by little, irrational, destructive concepts have crept into our society and are being touted as “normal” or a “choice.” Grown men sharing bathrooms with little girls, drag queens reading story books to children in public libraries, cartoons that push mature, controversial concepts on the most innocent, are just a few tragic consequences of political correctness gone mad. Considering this, one must wonder—how long it will take before the “P” for pedophilia is added to the acronym of sexual preferences we are all forced to accept and accommodate?

Discerning individuals must rise up against forcing these concepts on our society — especially, on our children. Children will always suffer the most when political correctness is placed above moral conviction and common sense.

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

Elizabeth Schmeidler is a Christian author from Hays.