LTJG Jared Hachmeister, son of Ken and Sheila Hachmeister, Natoma, received his wings of gold as a Naval Flight Officer at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Training Air Wing Six, the “Cradle of Naval Aviation.” Following a Blessing of the Wings ceremony Aug. 29 at NAS Pensacola Navy Chapel, LTJG Hachmeister was winged by his wife Ashley with his parents.

After all students received their wings, LTJG Hachmeister was ordered “front and center” and presented with the Order of the Daedalians Award and VT-86 Top Graduate. He graduated Commodore’s List with Distinction, which goes to only the top 2 percent of all NFO students in a rolling year.

Responsible for all Chief of Naval Air Training Naval Flight Officer training and production, Training Air Wing Six graduates approximately 300 United States Navy, Marine Corps, and international students annually.

CTW-6’s mission is to safely train the world’s finest combat quality NFO/s, committed to global security and prosperity, and projecting Naval Air Power worldwide.

Hachmeister will be stationed in NAS Oceana at Virginia Beach, Va., and will be flying in the FA/18 Super Hornet off the deck of an aircraft carrier.

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 2017 and commissioning as an Ensign, Hachmeister arrived in Pensacola in September 2017 and began training. Students begin with aviation pre-flight indoctrination followed by primary, intermediate, and advanced training. In these blocks students learn the basics of strike, close air support, basic fighter maneuvers, and all weather intercept missions. The entire program consists of class time, simulators, flight time and hundreds of hours of studying. Hachmeister started by flying a prop plane, then graduated to the T6-Texan, and eventually to the T45 Goshawk jet. During his time training in Pensacola, Hachmeister was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Hachmeister has been ordered to report to NAS Oceana later this month where he will begin training in the FA/18 platform.