I have a confession to make, albeit with some trepidation. Once my friends read this confession they will possibly hold me in low disregard and even disown me as a friend.

The first part of my confession is that I'm a political mutant. Though not usually inclined to use mind-numbing labels, I refer to my political orientation as "conserva-liberal-tarian" (or "conserva-libtare," for short). I know, a mouthful, but the definition is that on issues my responses are all over the political terrain (swampy and smelly though it is)--i.e., part conservative, part liberal, and part libertarian, making me also a political chameleon.

And, get this, I have just enough money to stay above survival mode--being on KYPERs, Social Security, PAC Life annuities, and meager savings--so my greenback stash cannot speak volumes for me when wishing to protect myself from heathen hordes of poor folk and do-gooder and politically correct (and ethically superior, of course) haters of the rich.

What's one to do in a democracy that is crazy beyond party labels and in danger of rapid contraction due to unyielding partisan positions on so many issues? Please help this poor mutant to adapt to chaos before our democracy crumbles into oblivion, in which case, I could possibly devolve to a snarling apolitical animal, bloody vicious and mean, ruled by who knows what tyrant at the top.

If not Trump, who's next? The British rock group, the Who, posed the pressing question that all of us should still persist in asking: "New boss, same as the old boss?"

Hope not, don't you? Maybe we should all be political mutants. Otherwise, we can expect more of the same from Con Don and his shameless sycophants--a nightmare reality show that features unscripted comments, which, bluntly stated, mean "another day, another holler."

Oh, yes, let's don't forget the corporate trend of "another day, another dollar" (i.e., mega-sums) to drown out the voices of Americans who might also be non-partisan, issue-oriented and people-connected.

So I say — no, yell — "Political mutants of America, rise up!" Demand more than a "Fake Views President," one who can actually speak truth to the people, not just a voter base or corporate sponsor.

Perhaps we should follow the counsel of John Adams, offered over two centuries ago during a post-revolutionary time of turmoil--that we educate ourselves about our government and those who represent us, hence learning the differences between fact and fake and how both can hoodwink and blinker the populace at large.

As political mutants, let's avoid being dumbed down or as a famous Pink Floyd lyric put it, "comfortably numb."

I suggest we also heed the sage counsel (1964) of U.S. Supreme Court Justice, William O. Douglas: "I do not know of any salvation for society except through eccentrics, misfits, dissenters, people who protest."

Yup, political mutants. And my own counsel, admittedly not necessarily sage, is this: It is not the festering wounds of the Body Politic that need the most attention; it is the deep sickness of its soul that needs a spiritual regeneration.

I wonder if most of us can at least agree on that.