HAVILAND — More than $80,000 was raised for full-tuition student scholarships at Barclay College earlier this month in Haviland from the sale of 35 quilts, a wide variety of specialty items and generous donations from college supporters.

The Annual Ladies Auxiliary Auction at Barclay College was Oct. 5 in Haviland, one of the biggest events that happen through out the year for the college and the community.

The homecoming event for supporters, alumni, families and friends kicked off Friday, with a hamburger feed outside Hockett Auditorium, BC’s gym.

Up next was the alumni soccer game, when past players battled against the current Bear team members.

A new event this year was a "Meet and Greet" with the men’s and women’s basketball team, along with games and a scrimmage.

While all this was happening, the committee of ladies who put on the auction was hard at work, organizing donations that had already come in.

Saturday was the big day with the auction officially kicking off at 9 a.m. although there was much fellowship to be had over biscuits and gravy before the first item sold.

The first thing to sell was homemade bread made by Barclay College President Royce Frazier. After that, toys, decorations, tools and pretty much anything else that could be carried into the gym was sold.

At 1 p.m. homemade quilts were sold. This was a very special time because people from around the country create these quilts and donate them to this auction. Last year, one quilt sold for over $10,000. This year, there were 35 beautiful full-size and baby quilts sold, each one bringing a pretty penny.

Auctioneer John Hamm started a special tradition about 15 years ago during this annual event, and it has been a hit ever since. Hamm asked the crowd to take a seat and listen to what he has to say. He said how important donations are for a small, private college like BC.

Then he asked if there is anyone who would like to donate $1,000 to the college. Hands shot up faster than the clerk could keep track, some families even gave $2,000. During this initial pledge, more than $17,000 given.

After this, Hamm asked for $500 contributions, then $250, $100, $50, and finally $25. In a matter of minutes, $20,000 was added to the auction total.

All money raised at the annual auction is banked for on-campus, full-time students. The entire event is a blessing to the college, something locals and supporters from near and far look forward to all year.