RUSSELL — The American Red Cross, the Russell Rotary Civic Organization and the Russell Fire Department are partnering to install free smoke alarms to residents on Sunday.

Residents can register for the Sound the Alarm event at or by calling 211, according to a press release from the Red Cross.

“The partnership between the Red Cross and both Russell Rotary Club and the Russell Fire Department has been phenomenal over the last couple of years,” she said. “With this partnership, we are now able to install free smoke alarms on Nov. 3 which will help people prevent and respond to home fires which will ultimately save lives,” said Deb Tucker, disaster program manager for the Red Cross.

The Russell Fire Department does install “one off” alarm requests as needed through their partnership with the Red Cross.

Rotary Rescue — a group of volunteers from within the Russell Rotary Club — will help with the event. They serve as first responders in the event of a fire or natural disaster to provide Red Cross services to the families and first responders.

“As Rotary Rescue volunteers, we have provided comfort to dozens of families over the years at a time when they were at their worst. The toughest part of any response is when there are children living in the home. Thankfully the Red Cross provides comfort packs including a stuffed Mickey Mouse for children. Through all the devastation and heartache I have witnessed and families endure, the one thing that always sticks with me is the smile on a child’s face when we give them a stuffed Mickey Mouse,” said Dustin Smith, community bank president of UMB Bank and Rotary Club member.