A woman convicted of giving a gun to a known felon that was then used in a February homicide in Hays will serve prison time, but for a drug charge.

Alysha K. Meade, 29, will serve 15 months in prison for felony possession of methamphetamine followed by two years probation for several misdemeanors.

She was convicted in September after entering a plea agreement for the felony and misdemeanor possession of marijuana along with misdemeanor charges of interference with a law enforcement officer and criminal distribution of a firearm.

Meade has four prior convictions, including one felony for no drug tax stamp in Russell County. She was serving probation for that charge when she was arrested for the felony meth charge in Ellis County, giving her a special sentencing rule of presumptive prison.

Ellis County District Judge Glenn Braun handed down Monday’s sentence, also giving her six months in the Ellis County Jail for the marijuana charge and one year each in county jail for the interference with law enforcement and criminal distribution of firearm charge. He ruled each of those charges would be served concurrent to each other and the felony charge.

However, he opted to suspend the misdemeanor sentences, offering 24 months probation upon release from prison. Should she violate probation, she will serve 2 1/2 years in county jail. A 12-month post-release supervision will run concurrent with the probation.

Meade was charged with providing Ryan Paul Thompson with a Browning Buck .22 caliber handgun on Feb. 27, according to court documents, knowing he had been convicted of felony aggravated endangerment of a child in October in Russell County.

A half hour later, Thompson used the gun to shoot Diego Gallaway, 26, in a parking lot near Gallaway’s apartment in the 2700 block of Indian Trail.

In September, Thompson pleaded no contest to second-degree murder. He remains in custody of the Ellis County Jail, awaiting sentencing.

During the murder investigation, Meade told police Thompson had received the gun from another person, but a witness told investigators she had given him the gun.

Meade was arrested March 8 after a traffic stop. When her vehicle was searched, investigators found a zippered container inside a door with drug paraphernalia that field tested positive for meth and marijuana.