A Hays man was sentenced to prison for a criminal threat and had probation revoked in a prior conviction Monday in Ellis County District Court.

Pablo Serrano will serve 14 months in prison for sending a woman a Facebook message in July threatening to beat her. It was one of four cases for which he was sentenced Monday.

Serrano was also sentenced to 18 months in county jail for three counts of battery. That sentence will be served after the prison sentence.

The charges stem from a fight with a roommate in April in which Serrano’s dog bit the roommate's crotch. The man stabbed at the dog with a pocketknife until it let go; Serrano then threw a cinder block through a window at the roommate, injuring the roommate’s arm. The dog died from its wounds.

Judge Blake Bittel also revoked probation for Serrano in a 2018 case in which he was convicted of attempted distribution of methamphetamine and criminal damage to property. He will serve 18 months in prison, which will be served at the same time as the criminal threat sentence.

He will also serve 12 concurrent months for conviction of three charges of misdemeanor battery, bargained to lesser charges from two counts of failure to register as an offender for a 2015 drug conviction.