The Catholic News Agency reported this week former cardinal Theodore McCarrick has moved from the St. Fidelis Friary in Victoria.

McCarrick had lived at the friary since September 2018, shortly after being accused of sexually abusing minors, seminarians and young priests.

His new location is undisclosed, but CNA reported McCarrick arranged his new accommodations himself and that the location is a secluded residential community of priests who have been removed from ministry. McCarrick is paying for his own accommodations, according to the news agency.

CNA also reported the Vatican is due to release a report on an internal investigation into McCarrick’s career with the church.

McCarrick, 89, is the former archbishop of Washington, D.C. He was removed from the ministry last June, after the church found accusations credible that he sexually abused a teenager 50 years ago.

Two lawsuits were filed last month in New Jersey alleging McCarrick sexually assaulted two males, starting when they were minors. The state temporarily lifted its statute of limitations on sexual abuse allegations, prompting the lawsuits.

One of the plaintiffs is James Grein, who made his allegations public in a July 2018 story in the New York Times. He accused McCarrick of abusing him starting at the age of 11 when McCarrick was a priest in New York.

McCarrick was laicized in February 2019.