Just days after Christmas, I gazed upon a picture of the Holy Family and then came across a social media meme about “no child left behind.” The two left me to ponder why so many children are being “left behind.” The answer is in plain sight, but unfortunately, many miss it or don’t speak up, even for the sake of the children. We’ve become accustomed to an erred society and many have been silenced or blinded by a “politically correct” agenda that speaks of freedom but is actually enslaving our culture. Today, I will speak for the children, whose voices are often unheard.

Each and every child, born and unborn, are gifts from our Creator and should be treated as such—Are you listening Governor Kelly? (Ps 127:3-4) If we do not want children "left behind," we must stop de-valuing them by killing them in the womb. Abortion fosters a devious lack of respect for all life, but especially, children’s lives.

Children are not a burden. Eighteen years of childhood goes by quickly, and kids get one shot in this life to grow up. Their presence, caring for, and loving them, makes us better people. Often, their sweetness and reciprocal love has the power to heal broken hearts and wounded souls. They do not hinder our joy, social status, prosperity, or our careers—on the contrary, they are the very essence of God—the Author of everything genuinely good we could ever desire.

Children thrive in homes with loving, faithful parents. If we want our children to be happy, healthy, and grow up to be good, productive human beings, we must stop leaving morality behind—we must put God first, our spouse (if applicable) second, and our children above ALL ELSE. Authentic love cares for self, last. “Seek first, the Kingdom of God.” (Mt 6:33)

Ideally, our children should be cared for by their parents, placed in daycare only when truly necessary—to pay the bills and put food on the table—not because we want a three-car garage, a boat, or a trip to Disneyland. If possible, a child’s caregiver should be someone with a vested interest in his/her life and soul—grandparents, relative, Godly family friend, etc. Children shouldn't be rushed off to daycare or school, made to ride the bus, or made to stay late at school for the sake of parental convenience.

We must love our children enough to discipline them, make them work and contribute to the family. (Proverbs 22:6, 29:15) Show them how to give to others and try hard not to spoil them with material possessions, especially electronics--iPad, phones. It may take decades for us to fully see the negative impact—physical, emotional, and spiritual, that phone technology has had on our children and society. Yes, I am saying that schools should, for the most part, ditch the iPads and go back to traditional teaching, especially in primary and middle school, so that the teachers do not have to compete with the drama and distraction that come with these gadgets.

Parents also need to wake up, grow up, and put down their own phones/iPads, especially when their kids are with them. These devices have become like demons we’ve welcomed into our homes that entice us with shallow concepts and social media facades, stealing away precious time, often sowing seeds of discord into relationships. Your children don’t expect you to be perfect, but they want you to be present.

Be Godly examples—limit television, rejecting immoral shows, movies, and filthy novels. All devices should be locked down so that porn and other harmful activity will be thwarted. Pornography is a key factor in the divorce rate and why sex-trafficking has disturbingly increased so dramatically. If you want your child’s mind to be pure, clean up your own. (Mt. 6:22)

If your child’s school curriculum is troublesome, speak up. If the school requires sex-ed material that is immoral and inappropriate, make your voice heard to the moon and back, and then yell even louder, until they acknowledge that you are in charge regarding this subject, not them. All children deserve an age of innocence. When government entities push to take away parental rights, all rights are in jeopardy.

Before your child is even born, and from this moment on, read the insert of every vaccine/medicine you are planning to put into their bodies. Think. Pray. Do your research before you make your decision. Look at multiple sources and don’t just accept what is easiest but consider opposing views as well. Vaccines can and do cause injury. The data regarding their safety has been skewed, suppressed. An increasing number of doctors are screaming that the vaccines have caused ADHD, autism, chronic allergies, auto-immune diseases, and other neurological issues, even death, yet they are not being heard. Many times, injuries go unreported because parents or physicians don’t make the connection. Billions of dollars have been paid out for vaccine injury, but it is our government that pays out the damages—not the pharmaceutical companies. This makes vaccines, (some of which still contain human DNA from aborted babies) highly profitable for these companies with zero accountability—a dangerous combination. (1Thess. 5:21-22)

Take the time to pray, especially with your children, as much and whenever possible. Pray for the wisdom to turn to Him in all things. Our children are left behind because society has left God behind; therefore, dysfunction is escalating, and families are breaking apart. When any given approach isn’t working, it needs to be changed—the godless, selfish approach our society has embraced never worked and never will. Grandparents—keep praying for your children and grandchildren. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you see something wrong in their lives. Any backlash you experience will pale compared to the lashes that brutalized Jesus.

This New Year and forevermore, may we love our children the way Jesus taught us to love—in truth—with our whole hearts, minds, & bodies—be willing to lay down our very lives. This is the only way to help them find true joy and lasting peace; and in doing so, ultimately, we will find it as well.

“Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14