A man accused of kidnapping and robbery waived his right to a preliminary hearing Thursday in Ellis County District Court and instead pleaded guilty to robbery and a lesser charge.

In the plea agreement, the original charge of felony kidnapping against Victor Eloy Beltran-Amaya was amended to domestic battery, a misdemeanor. He also pleaded guilty to felony charges of robbery and criminal threat, both of which were included in the original criminal complaint filed in court.

A charge of felony attempted robbery was dismissed.

Ellis County District Court Chief Judge Glenn Braun then found Beltran-Amaya guilty on the three charges.

Beltran-Amaya was arrested Dec. 10 after a six-hour manhunt in Hays prompted by a report of a bottle thrown at a house in the 500 block of E. Seventh Street. Police found a door kicked in at that location with a suspect saying he was searching for his girlfriend. He fled the scene and police began the search.

Beltran-Amaya was accused of kidnapping the 19-year-old woman he’d had a relationship with, attempting to take her phone by force, and forcibly taking car keys and a cellphone from another woman.

The robbery conviction carries a sentence of 31 to 136 months in prison, and criminal threat a sentence of five to 17 months, depending on criminal history.

Beltran-Amaya is expected to fall within a “border box” on the Kansas sentencing grid, meaning the judge could sentence him to either prison or probation.

In the plea agreement, both Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees and defense attorney Cheryl Stewart, of Oakley, are recommending a sentence of 36 months probation with Northwest Kansas Community Corrections, with an underlying prison sentence of 36 months for the robbery and six months for the criminal threat, and six months in county jail for the domestic battery conviction.

Sentencing was set for March 2.