Merchandise touting the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win wasn’t impossible to find in Hays on Monday, and more should be available in the coming days.

Employees at Hibbett Sports, 120 W. 43rd, were busy Monday afternoon putting tags on a shipment of Super Bowl T-shirts with the Chiefs. It was part of a pre-order the store received late last week, store manager Adrian Gonzales said. If the Chiefs had lost, the shirts would have been sent back.

More merchandise is expected this week, Gonzales said.

“People can start coming in now, it’s just a matter of the timing of when it comes in,” Gonzales said.

The store had already seen quite a few customers coming in by Monday afternoon.

“I’m pretty sure when I was driving past, I saw someone pull up around 10 o’clock that night. We close at 6 on Sundays,” Gonzales said.

JCPenney at Big Creek Crossing, 2918 Vine, expected its first shipment of Super Bowl championship merchandise to be in Tuesday morning, store manager Anna Hawley said.

“It’ll be in first thing in the morning," she said. "We have to wait our turn.

“We will have locker room tees, locker room hats, championship tees and hoodies as well as just obviously getting more Chiefs in general gear. But all the Super Bowl championship stuff will be here in the morning."

The store has even started a call list that customers can ask to be placed on to be notified when items they’re interested in arrive, or they can call the store to ask about items and sizes available. The store won’t hold any items, however, Hawley said.

Screen printing business Phaze 2, 1120 E. 22nd, started taking orders for a custom-designed Chiefs Super Bowl shirt Sunday night.

Phase 2 graphic designer Kaycee Hancock created the design.

“I actually had it ready to go on Friday and then (Sunday) I set up our online store to order online,” she said.

She wasn’t sure until just a couple of minutes before the end of the game about going live with the online store, though. Within five to 10 minutes, orders started coming in, she said.

“Every time an order is placed, it goes to my email and my phone. It was pretty neat to see all those come in last night,” she said.

Phase 2 also did shirts when the Chiefs won the AFC championship and sold about 200 of those, Hancock said.