Two Vine Street projects over the next couple of years will improve both the north end and the south end of the street.

Construction on the $9.3 million North Vine Street Corridor Project, which includes construction of four roundabouts, must start by July 31.

That construction should be done by Dec. 2021, according to Project Manager John Braun.

A later project is the $4 million reconstruction of Vine from just south of 13th Street, in front of McDonald’s, to the southern city limits at the intersection of the US-183 bypass.

For that project, design and engineering will be done by May 2021, with a November 2021 bid letting and construction in 2022.

The Hays City Commission Thursday evening will be asked to approve interagency agreements for the north project, and to hire a design engineer for the second one.

For the north project, which runs from 32nd to 41st streets, the city was awarded a $6 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation and a $1 million state grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation.

“We’re still on schedule for a March 25 bid letting at KDOT,” said Braun, speaking last Thursday to city commissioners at their regularly scheduled work session. City commissioners, he said, need to approve two agreements for the project, one each with the USDOT and one with KDOT.

As a condition of the grants, the city must file certain reports on the project.

“The city must submit annual performance reports to USDOT and those are in the form of auto crash rates,” Braun said, “because we’re doing the project to improve safety, so they want to see that safety is improved. Also, there are intersection delays for three years following completion of the project, to see how the performance of the corridor is doing as well, as a result of this project.”

City Commissioner Michael Berges asked if the city has current crash rates on the area.

“We can look back 10 years or more and find crash rates and specifics of the crashes,” Braun said. “So we just have to compile that data and send it in to them to see whether crash rates have improved or not.”

Also, it’ll take hiring an engineer to determine how the intersections are performing, once completed, such as traffic delays and the amount of traffic through the corridor.

The city’s share of that project is $3.3 million, he said.

For the project at the south end of Vine, the city commission on Thursday will be asked by city staff to hire low-bidder Kaw Valley Engineers, Junction City, for an $86,745 design and engineering contract to get the south Vine Street plans ready to bid by KDOT.

The project calls for replacing pavement, some new curb and gutter, replacing some sidewalk, adding disability compliance ramps and pavement markings, and adding pedestrian signals at 8th Street consisting of push buttons activated for walk/don’t walk, pavement markings.

Kaw Valley is the design engineer on the city’s Interstate 70 waterline crossing and pump station project now underway.

Hays Mayor and City Commissioner Shaun Musil asked if the north Vine project would be completed when the south project starts.

“Yes the whole project will be done,” Braun said.