On Monday night, the Hays USD 489 school board approved a bid for a new pickup truck for the maintenance department, although one board member had reservations.

The vote was 5-1, with Allen Park the dissenting vote, to purchase a new Ford F350 from Lewis Ford for $30,633 and a lift gate and snow plow through Vernie’s Trux-N-Equip for an additional $11,919.

Park was concerned with the cost of buying a new truck versus a used truck.

Rusty Lindsay, director of buildings and grounds, said the truck will mainly be used in town to haul lawn mowers or other equipment on trailers to the district’s buildings. It might occasionally be used for bringing larger loads from out of town, such as grass seed.

Park asked Lindsay if he’s ever purchased a new truck in the five years he’s been with the district, then answered his own question.

“Never. It’s always been used pickups as far as I can remember,” said Park, a retired principal from USD 489.

“One of my concerns is the depreciation. When you drive it off the lot it’s going to be $10,000 at least. Why can’t we get a used one?” He said.

“My concern is it’s not a vehicle that transports kids. It’s mainly for one person the majority of the time, it rarely goes out of town, it pushes snow. We need a nice new truck for that?” He said.

“We’re trying to save the money and that would be a way to save money,” he said.