The Kansas House endorsed legislation Tuesday allowing military surplus vehicles to be licensed by the state for use on streets and highways.

Bipartisan support for the measure included concern about the future of an Augusta company, Global Parts Auto Group, that customizes Humvees with new interiors, engines and exterior parts. It’s had difficulty marketing the altered vehicles due to title and license restrictions in Kansas, said House Minority Leader Dan Hawkins, R-Wichita.

“This gives them the opportunity then to be certified and licensed to drive on public roads,” said Rep. Henry Helgerson, D-Wichita.

The House voted to advance House Bill 2420 to final action. If adopted by the 2020 Legislature and signed by Gov. Laura Kelly, surplus U.S. military-grade vehicles less than 35 years of age, authorized for sale to civilians and in compliance with state weight and size regulations for public roads would be eligible for a special license plate.

The bill, likely up for a final vote Wednesday, would prohibit owners from using surplus military vehicles to transport people for hire.

Meanwhile, the House also granted first-round approval to a bill making it easier for owners of storage units to sell personal property of people who leased space and defaulted on storage contracts.

Rep. Tom Cox, R-Shawnee, said House Bill 2454 would allow storage companies to auction property at in-person or online sales. It would limit an individual’s right to sue storage companies for damage to property valued in excess of the maximum limit for that unit established by contract.

The bill would no longer require companies to advertise the auction in a newspaper serving the area. Instead, the bill would grant the business owner an opportunity to notify people electronically or “by other commercially reasonable means,” Cox said.