As part of the $1.8 million the city will hire out in street work during 2020, Hays may impose a hard timeline on one of its contractors to make sure the work is done in a timely fashion.

At the urging of Hays City Commissioner Ron Mellick and other city commissioners, Morgan Brothers Construction, of Hays, may be required to meet a strict deadline when it rebricks a heavily trafficked block of 10th Street serving the popular Downtown Pavilion.

"I’m not happy with Morgan Brothers," said Mellick at Thursday’s work session of the Hays City Commission at City Hall. "I think we need to have a set time for how many working days, so they don’t come in and have their subcontractor tear that all up and then they set there for two or three months because they’re gone on other projects."

As an example, Mellick cited Morgan’s work on the 2019 reconstruction of Elm Street at the southeast edge of the Fort Hays State University campus. Scheduled for summer break, the street was torn up early in the summer but didn’t wrap up until November, he said.

"That was $3.5 million," Mellick said, then referenced the $109,455 project on 10th from Main to Oak streets. "I can’t imagine this … will be a big project for them, or a high priority."

Most of the summer they had two workers and one foreman working on Elm, he said.

"They did get the pavement done, but they still had all the sidewalks and stuff that should have all been done," Mellick said. "When they finally saw that their time was running out to finish 4th Street, and then down Ash, they brought in their full crew and they got that done in no time."

Summer is a busy time for the Pavilion and adjacent Union Pacific Park, he noted.

"Do we want them to come in in May and tear up 10th Street? And come back the end of August, first of September and start working on it?" Mellick asked. "I have a real concern with that."

He suggested Morgan not start until the end of September on the work, which will include brick construction, some concrete curbing, valley gutter and sidewalk.

"But then you get into parade season," Rohr said. "We have a long parade season."

In any case, 10th will be open to foot traffic at all times, Rohr said.

Mayor Shaun Musil said he agreed with Mellick, adding however that Morgan Brothers did a good job on Elm.

City Commissioner Sandy Jacobs said Morgan also did a good job reconstructing 8th Street, and downtown business owners were satisfied with that process. But the city, she said, must "hold their feet to the fire."

"I think we need to stay on top of them," Jacobs said, also citing the Pavilion’s summer activities. "Solve it all by putting it in the contract."

City manager Toby Dougherty said a time commitment for both projects, with maximum working days, could go in the contract. Dougherty said he’ll bring that back to the city commission this Thursday when it meets to vote on awarding bids for the 2020 street program.

Property owners and other stakeholders will be notified well in advance of work before any projects start, Rohr said.

"There are a lot of projects, probably the most projects we’ve bid at one time," Rohr said. "As we get closer to the end of the projects, if we can add more, and spend that money down, that’s our full intent. We hope to not leave any on the table when we’re done, if we don’t have to."

Chip seal and seal coat will be done during the summer when warm weather favors those applications. Others can begin sooner, but all will be completed in 2020, he said.

Morgan Brothers was also the low bidder on a curb and brick repair project in the 1100 block of Pine Street, the 1500 block of Walnut Street, select areas on 13th Street west of Main Street and joint repairs on Main Street. Those bids totaled $76,150.

All told, Morgan won five contracts, and an alternate, totaling $247,746.

Other winning bidders were J Corp, of Hays, for three projects, with bids totaling $634,077.

Road Safe, of Wichita, won two projects, with bids totaling $47,842.

Contractors winning one project each were Paul Wertenberger Construction, of Hays, $52,496; APAC, of Hays/Emporia, $133,648; and Cillessen & Sons, of Wichita, $38,339.

The following projects also are planned:

• Apply 120,487 square yards of seal coat to the fine cracks of some asphalt streets. The bituminous liquid mixture, which has a smooth black finish, extends the life of a street. Low bid was Circle C Paving, of Goddard, $173,501.28

• Apply 46,260 square yards of chip seal, similar to seal coat but with a rock surface, to some asphalt streets on the far south and far north sides of town, at Public Works and Water Treatment Plant facilities, on Sports Complex Road, at Aubel-Bickle parking lot, and Airport Fuel Road. Low bid was APAC, of Hays, $119,813.40.

• Apply 2,000 gallons of polypatch on various streets to fill large cracks and depressions, including to repair streets that fail in spots from winter weather. Low bid was Stripe & Seal, of Hays, $23,000.

• Major rehabilitation of the east two-thirds of Canal Boulevard from Walnut to 27th, including curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveway approaches. Low bid was J Corp, of Hays, $342,751.

• Major rehabilitation of Lincoln from 19th to 20th streets, including one block of curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveway approaches from 19th to 20th. Low bid was J Corp, of Hays, $85,450.

• Major rehabilitation of 700 block of General Custer south of Highway 40 just east of the Water Reclamation & Reuse Facility. North part will get new concrete, south part an asphalt overlay, plus minor storm sewer work. Low bid was APAC, of Hays, $133,648.

• Major rehabilitation of General Custer from 22nd to Centennial streets, with full replacement of concrete pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalk for three blocks from 22nd north to Centennial. Low bid was J Corp, of Hays, $205,876.

• Major reconstruction of Milner with concrete pavement from 8th to 9th. Low bid was Paul Wertenberger Construction, of Hays, $52,496.

• Major reconstruction of City Hall alley in 100 block of west 15th and 16th streets with concrete pavement, and existing retaining wall. Low bid was Morgan Brothers, $47,540.

• Major reconstruction of the asphalt milling portion of Mopar Drive west of Roth Avenue to the west side of Old Chicago’s entrance. Low bid was Paul Wertenberger, $81,821.

• Three projects for applying more than $86,000 in pavement markings with specialized painting equipment on high-traffic roads with large vehicle counts from 8th Street west of Milner and on Hall south of 27th. Low bid for 8th west of Milner to Elm, was Cillessen & Sons, Wichita, $38,339.20. Low bid for Hall from 8th to 27th was Road Safe, Wichita, $45,327.55. Low bid for an alternate, 8th west of Elm to the city limits, was Road Safe, of Wichita, $2,515.70.