"I don't know why people are so afraid. No one is going to die until God is ready for them to die.”

Wise words from my 6-year-old granddaughter.

With the Coronavirus panic in full swing — notice how closely the word “panic” resembles “pandemic” — I think the truth of my granddaughter’s words might do us all some good.

We’ve been struck by an unsuspecting enemy; yet, much like with the 9-11 attacks, people are again pondering what really matters. We, a nation “under God,” would be wise to seek God first for the wisdom to handle this trial, especially considering the never-ending propaganda, rather than news, fed to us every day by media outlets. CBS was recently caught airing footage from Italy as though it was happening in New York. In my opinion, I think that apparently the truth wasn’t dramatic enough?

With advanced technology, we should be well-informed, but without morality at the core, these advances leave our society flailing about in the murky waters of fear and uncertainty, desperately trying to grasp on to what might save us. More than ever, we need what is concrete — the truth — about God, and about this virus. God hasn’t changed, but the world has — drastically, as more people have opted to manufacture their own version of truth.

With journalism all but dead because we cannot trust the facts, there are too many questions about this present crisis that remain unanswered. We still don’t know why some get deathly ill while others don’t, how long the virus been active here, how many have been infected, how it’s spread, and more. We need answers to valid questions about what makes COVID-19 so much worse than the flu, which has killed 124,000 worldwide this year, and whether the flu shot has increased COVID-19 risk.

Without answers to these questions we cannot effectively fight. Personally, I find it very unsettling that our state is using GPS phone tracking to monitor whether we leave the house, while Google, Facebook, Twitter and Alexa are collecting data on most everything we do; yet, we still don’t have consistent data regarding these questions? Hmm…

All roads lead back to one thing — the need for Truth. While many prefer to be more like sheep than shepherds, content with having answers spoon-fed to them by the government entities, so-called experts, and even Hollywood, the wisest people want the unadulterated truth. Still, even the most brilliant analysts and scientists in the world cannot ensure accurate findings if the information they are given is flawed.

With Holy Week and Easter upon us, perhaps we should reflect on this famous exchange: Standing before Pontius Pilate, Jesus said: “I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice.”

Pilate answered, “What is truth?”

Sadly, in the end, Pilate really wasn’t as interested in the truth as he was interested in staying out of religious affairs, so he washed his hands of the Truth rather than face the crowds. But what about the rest of us who profess that Jesus’ death and resurrection has set us free? What would Jesus be saying to us right now? I’m sure it would be much the same as 2,000 years ago: “Why do you fear? Have you no faith? Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand. Do not worry about the one who can destroy the body, but, fear instead, the one who can destroy the soul. Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God? Go and sin no more. The Truth will set you free.”

Knowing this, perhaps we are praying wrongly regarding this virus. Maybe the virus is a symptom of a greater issue—the sin of idolatry — putting our faith in men above God. Though we’ve been failed by “trusted” corporations like DuPont, Monsanto, and Johnson & Johnson, who knowingly harmed consumers, we still want things bigger, better, faster, and cheaper. We want to have it all, be illness free — but at what price? We put our trust in Big Pharma to make our drugs and vaccines, while at the same time, pay surcharges on vaccines to cover injury compensations caused by these same vaccines.

There is no doubt that good, honest people still exist in the world, but “experts” have been wrong countless times throughout history. What has never failed us, however, is the wisdom of God. Whenever society has steered away from His precepts, we’ve suffered the consequences. Right now, we live in a “free country,” but we are not free to gather in worship, be at our dying loved one’s bedside, or make our own decisions about our health. Will we regain these freedoms when this crisis is over? That depends on who’s in charge.

If God is placed above all in our nation, His Truth will illuminate the darkness. To those with surrendered hearts, He reveals the root of all our problems — sin. We are a selfish, murderous nation. While much of the world is shut down to save lives, abortion clinics are still open, destroying the lives of the most innocent. According to www.worldometers.info, abortions totaled over 12,000,000 in 2020 so far.

Maybe people need reminded that Governor Cuomo of NY, who passionately stated he “will fight to save every life,” lit up the World Trade Center pink to celebrate abortion. Moreover, after complaining about a shortage of ventilators, he finally admitted he’d been stockpiling thousands.

Agenda-driven mainstream media and godless politicians are not the source of truth. They seek to control us, but Jesus is in control—and He is coming again, to gather His children and bring them to Heaven for eternity. Knowing this, we must choose what we believe—Jesus is either King and Lord of all, His promises true, or none of it is true and we are all just here waiting for the "world" to save us. It can't be both. Jesus destroyed death by rising from the dead—just like He promised. Our loving Creator, who counts every hair on our heads, knows when even a sparrow falls to the ground, our every pain and fear, and is worthy of our trust.

Today, let's rejoice for all we’ve been given and for the tireless sacrifices of those who are serving us daily. It’s time for us all to dig deeper, spend more time on our knees than on our phones, and do our part.

Pray for our President, Vice President, medical professionals, and leaders, including our pastors and priests, that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit’s wisdom regarding this virus rather than human passions and fears. Most of all, pray the Lord pierces the hearts of those who have turned away from Him, that they may know the truth and be set free. The absence of God is the most tragic state of human existence and isolation there is.

May we all strive for the faith of a child and love as Christ loves. No matter the problem, God is the answer. He is our only hope—and that’s the truth.