There are no new cases of coronavirus in Ellis County, but the county’s official number on Thursday jumped from eight to nine.

In a numbers update by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, the state officially added one “probable” case to Ellis County’s tally of virus cases, according to Ellis County Health Services Director Jason Kennedy.

“They are looking retroactively at people who had close contact with a confirmed positive and who had symptoms,” said Kennedy on Thursday. “This is not a new case. There is no risk from whoever this person is. Probable cases are not confirmed positive cases.”

What is known is that the probable case was a close contact of a positive case in Ellis County, Kennedy explained in a press release. The person was quarantined at the beginning of April.

The KDHE as of Thursday hadn’t provided any information about the purpose or significance of the change, Kennedy said.

“I honestly don’t know what the state’s plan is,” he said. “Right now this is a data generation thing on the part of the state.”

The daily KDHE map showing the number of cases in each county will now show that Ellis County has nine cases. A deeper dive into the map, by clicking on the county, indicates an asterik and the explanation that one case is recorded as probable.

Until today, the county’s official count of cases confirmed as positive with KDHE testing has stood at eight since April 17. All those people have recovered, so there are no active cases, Kennedy emphasized.

“This is just a data number and it’s not anything of concern,” he said.