Active cases: 1

Recovered cases: 14

Probable Cases: 3

Total cases: 18

Active cases: As determined by KDHE and the Public Health office. Patients are currently in isolation with daily contact from the ECHD.

Recovered cases: Following KDHE guidelines patients have completed isolation, improvement of symptoms and have gone 72 hours fever free with no fever reducing medication.

Probable Cases as determined by KDHE: Defined as a person with a) presumptive lab evidence with COVID-19 symptoms or epi-linked to a confirmed case, or b) no lab testing with COVID-19 symptoms and epi-linked to a confirmed case. Reported retroactively by KDHE.

Total cases: Total number of Covid-19 patients that reside in Ellis County. Includes both active, recovered and probable cases.

ECHD has been notified of one new positive case. The new, positive case was identified through testing sent to a private lab. ECHD is following KDHE guidelines to identify any close contacts of the individuals. Contacts will be notified and directed to self-quarantine for 14 days.

The positive case has moderate symptoms and is in home isolation. The case is not a contact of a known positive and has no recent travel to an area listed as a KDHE travel restriction.

You will notice the KDHE results show 19. KDHE errantly credited a case from another county. This should be rectified on Monday 06/29/2020 with a KDHE update.

Residents and visitors of Ellis County need to remain diligent in social distancing as well as basic precautions like washing your hands, covering your cough and staying home when you are ill.

Continue to follow and understand guidance provided by the CDC, KDHE and ECHD. Make the individual choice to protect yourself and others around you.