With temperatures topping 100 degrees on Sunday, people happily took to Frontier Park on Monday when a cooler and breezy 68 degrees prevailed about 10 a.m.

Becca Favinger, of Hays, was in Frontier Park West at the buffalo pen with her children, 8-month-old Lucas and 3-year-old Kathleen, on Monday morning. The buffalo and their four babies were unusually close to the fence, making it easy to see their woolly hides and hear the mother’s snorts.

"We hadn’t been in a couple weeks so we figured we’d come see them," said Favinger. "And what a great time, they’re all up here at the fence like this. Usually they’re scattered and we can’t see them very well."

Amara and Abonne Anderson, of Salina, were walking their 10-month-old border collie Jax across the swinging bridge on Monday morning.

"We’re on our way to western Kansas — Oberlin," Abonne said.

"We stop at this park every trip, and then we go to Cerv’s — for a sno ball," Amara said.

Also in the parks, lots of people were playing disc golf, and many golfers enjoying rounds at the Hays Municipal Golf Course, 1405 Golf Course Road.

The cool day with a mild breeze is in advance of a severe cold front set to move in Monday night and Tuesday, bringing snow into Colorado.

The unusually cold late summer weather will see temperatures fall all day in southwest Kansas extending as far north as Hays and as far west as Pratt, ending up in the lower 40s by late afternoon, according to the National Weather Service in Dodge City.

North winds will gust near 50 mph, with wind chills in the 30s, the Dodge City service reported Monday afternoon.