GIRARD — Girard City Council members amended an ordinance last week to strictly prohibit citizens of Girard from having a pit bull, Doberman or rottweiler within the city limits.

The previous version of the ordinance had a loophole that still allowed dog owners to have those breeds. The ordinance is part of the city’s laws against vicious animals and also applies to any dog that is a mix between these "aggressive" breeds and other breeds.

The state of Kansas does not have a state-wide Dangerous Dog Statute. Each municipality can, however, enact local ordinances addressing regulation of dangerous dogs. In Topeka, for example, the local government passed a law that makes it unlawful for a dog owner to permit a dog to bite or attack someone.

Although state law does not single out pit bulls as dangerous dogs, many municipal laws and ordinances within the state ban the ownership, harboring or keeping of pit bulls within city limits.