EL DORADO — There was an election last week in El Dorado, but that election did not determine public offices — and there are no threats of a recount.

"We thought about it. It did cross our minds," joked Kristina Traina, city manager’s assistant for El Dorado, after reviewing the results.

The result, however, was quite overwhelming. About 97% of voters, solicited online, chose Option B for a new playground in Riverview Park during about two days of voting.

Riverview Park, 800 River Road, is a 5-acre park with a playground structure, fishing access, picnic areas and walking paths including a bridge over a river.

Some people are not sure where that park is at. Maybe we can get some people to go to that part of town. ... It is time for that playground to be updated," Traina said. "... I remember playing on those when I was a child, 30 years ago at least."

An update to the park has been planned by the city park commission for a while, with the group soliciting ideas for a new playground structure. The new structure will be paid for using excess sales tax funds.

This year there were $60,000 in sales tax funds allocated for the playground structure. The project will be reviewed by the city commission Monday night. Traina told the Times-Gazette the city will have final say on the park upgrades.

On Monday, they will review those election results along with proposal costs. Before Traina shut off the online voting, there were 672 votes cast. The voting process was launched via a Facebook post on the city Facebook page on Tuesday. Results were released on Thursday.

"We do take pride in our 14 parks," Traina said. "... I have a toddler, and one day we went to all the parks and there wasn’t really anything for him to do (at Riverview). I am excited for this."

The public voting option was signed off on by the city parks advisory committee.

"This get the community engagement, and gets some excitement in the project," Traina said. "... I just kept watching our Google meter, and it was going up every few minutes with 50 people."

Before posting a public vote the parks advisory board reviewed playground options submitted from three different companies — a primary election of sorts.

The winning design was created by AB Creative, a company from De Soto, and includes multiple climbing areas, a spinner panel and a "Cobra Corkscrew" slide.