It was May 1, 2019, when I entered, on the south side, I saw shopping carts all over the place, messy floor, and electric cart wheelchairs unplugged (not getting charged). There was no one to help me in any way. With no person around, the carts are not neatly in a row. The electric wheelchairs were not being charged up for customers to use. Greeters have been a pleasant experience for the customers since Walmart opened for the first time. I, myself, was a greeter at Hays Walmart for two years. Walmart should bring back greeters to improve cleanliness, reduce shoplifting, and give customers a pleasant experience again.

It is unknown for certainty why the CEO of American Walmart got rid of greeters that they have had since the store began. The reason could be due to the big changes that are happening to the U.S.A. Walmart. The inside of Walmart will be changed 75-100%. Without greeters Walmart can use that money for the new and improved store. Most customers have expressed to me that they hate to see the greeters go.

One of the "Must do" greeters had was welcome customers. Greeters enjoyed helping them in any way and kept the area clean with carts in a nice row and where they belonged. Now the floors are messy with carts everywhere. No one has time to keep enter and exit area clean, carts in a nice row, and electric wheelchairs plugged in. Plus they enjoy pointing out it is not their job. With carts everywhere and electric cart wheelchairs unplugged (not charging) customers have to fend for themselves. They do miss someone being at the entrance, and exit, with the area clean and greeters there to be helpful.

Another thing greeters "had to do" was check receipts when customers were leaving with big stuff that was not in a sack. There were a few who hated to be stopped, yet they understood why. When a greeter had a hard time with a customer and their questionable stuff, the manager was called, he would come to see what was wrong and hand out a solution. That is no longer the case. Now customers can shoplift when no one is paying attention to what they are carrying or have in a cart. Teenage, college students, and the elderly are most likely to steal. That was noticed by me the two years I was a greeter. It has been noticed that merchandise is leaving without being paid, which means the money and merchandises do not match when the register are being checked (two-three times a day by the assistant managers). Without greeters, shoplifting is increasing.

Greeters are important in continuing Walmart's reputation as a family-oriented pleasant place to shop. Michael Rubinkam points out in his article that:

"As Walmart moves to phase out its familiar blue-vest "greeters" at some 1000 stores nationwide, disabled workers who fill many of these jobs say they're being ill-treated by a chain that styles itself as community-minded and inclusive. Walmart told greeters around the country last week that their position would be eliminated on April 26 in favor of an expanded, more physical demanding "customer host" role. To qualify, they will need to be able to lift 25-pound (11-kilogram) packages, climb ladders and stand for long periods." (

Hays Walmart is not replacing greeters for customer host as of 2019. As of April 26, greeters no longer exist but they are cashiers, night shift, garden area, and whatever else Walmart can offer.

For decades Walmart had greeters to cheer and help customers as they entered and exit. That is one big thing customers will miss about Walmart. The disabled and elderly greeters will get laid off (with severance pay) if there is no job they feel comfortable doing. Greg Foran remarked: We are confident that we are taking the right step to do what is necessary for the business, while also treating affected associates with respect and assistance they deserve as they transition to new opportunities. We must continue to evolve our business model by improving customer service, lowering prices, and developing our associates. The future does rest in our hands. (Walmart World)

Greeters have been the backbone for Walmart sense it first opened years ago. The creator, Sam W., believed Greeters we the best addition to his store. Some like to think he is "rolling in his grave" due to this change he would not approve of. Maybe, some years from now, greeters will be back to make customers feel welcome.

Beth Werner