The Hays High School facility was built more than 30 years ago, at a time when Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs were not as technically demanding and are now required for student skill development. Hays High School has grown to eight pathways over time in the CTE department.

For our current and future students, it is important to continue to grow and improve so our students have the appropriate technical and skill development for career success. To help meet the demands of ensuring students are college and career ready for our local businesses and companies, the current CTE facility needs to be renovated to meet current career standards. The facility improvements for CTE will help address the need by reconfiguring the current space so that our Design and Construction, AgriScience, Audio Visual Communications and Web and Digital Design programs can serve the Hays student population more appropriately and help ensure they are able to be successful for the next phase of their lives post-high school. This renovation will create a learning environment that will allow for our students to become more competitive and skilled for the many different career pathways they may choose past high school which will open doors for employment for future local business needs.

Tom Albers, Dan Balman, Chris Dinkel, Nathan Howard, Heath Meder, and Curt Vajnar,

Hays High School CTE staff