As I write this (Oct. 11) the U.S. has had 30-plus days of death and destruction. Four hurricanes, massacre in Vegas and now fires in California. Am I the only guy in the U.S. that wonders if the signs in the heavens in September were portent for this trouble. First was the total eclipse that crossed the U.S.; it never touched another nation on earth. Rare. The center point was the New Madrid Fault Line south of St. Louis. Remember that, maybe important in seven years?

The second sign was the woman clothed with the sun, etc., in mid-September.

Hurricane Harvey was just three days after the eclipse. It was as though someone was guiding it; like it forgot to hit Houston. It was headed northwest, made a 180-degree U-turn, went back to sea, made a 140-degree turn and then hit Houston. Also, I believe it was Maria that made a 360-degree circle in the ocean before hitting land — according to a lady on the weather channel. Strange, or is it? In nature, storms do not make U-turns, etc.; hence, I see God’s handiwork or the Russians and their HAARP installations. I prefer Russia.

I quit studying about HAARP seven to eight years ago, so this is probably dated info. The U.S. has a huge HAARP array at Godank, Alaska, that can put 4 billion-plus watts of power, also a smaller one at the University of Wisconsin and Virginia Tech. I believe Fort Hays State’s little array is tied to Virginia Tech. The U.S. has a big one in Puerto Rico at arecibo, I believe. Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria. Do I see a pattern here?

Last I knew, Russia had seven arrays. With the chill between us, I’d bet they are using a little weather war on the U.S. as HAARP can be used on weather among other things.

It is based on Nikklo Tesla’s amazing works, etc.

Amazing man, you use things he laid the groundwork for everyday. He was 100 years ahead of his time.

While I’m out here on a limb all alone, let me briefly touch on the massace in Vegas.

I say it had pagan and occultic symbolism to it also. Visualize the luxor complex, i.e., the pyramid hotel with the Sphinx and then the Obelish in front of it. These are pagan/occultic symbols. Directly across the road from these was the open air concert; a killing field if you will. I ask you, could it have been a sacrifice to Baal? I agree it’s pretty far out, but Satan always demands innocent blood such as abortion.

I mentioned the eclipse and New Madrid above. In seven years on April 8, another total eclipse will cross the U.S. from Texas to the northeast and cross the recent path at New Madrid.

It will complete a giant X across the U.S. Only God knows what it might portend, maybe triggering the fault line.

I haven’t even mentioned the huge caldera at Yellowstone. Or maybe. Or maybe. 

Don Desbien,