Did you know that if you rent to people on drugs or other bad people, they can move in, destroy your property and refuse to pay rent as per contract? Then the landlord has to give them a three-day notice to pay or move. If they don't, then the landlord has to pay the court around $80 and the sheriff $15 to serve the papers, then the landlord is forced, by law, to give them another two or three weeks of free rent before you get into court.

They can admit they owe the rent, but if they lie to the judge, he can give them another free week of rent to do damage to the house and bring in evidence. Then if the house is damaged by them and dirty, the judge can rule against the landlord because of that. They can even lock a dog in there for a week and cost the landlord over $1,000 in damages. Police can't do anything because it is a civil matter.

The landlords are the ones that own property and pay everyone's wages in the courthouse with tax money. Why should we have to pay them again to stop renters from stealing from us and the court system allow them to steal rent two or three weeks longer before going to court? If the rent is not paid, they should have no right to live there. Why are we forced by law to let them steal from us? This makes rent go up so we can pay the high taxes to pay the court people. If we want to appeal the theft of rent to another judge, it is over $200 more. You can get arrested for stealing anything else but not for stealing rent. Is that fair?

If someone was stealing $20 in gas every day and you had to let them keep doing that while you give them a three-day notice to stop, if they didn't stop, then you would have to pay the court around $80 and the sheriff $15 and then you are forced, by law, to let them steal gas every day for two or three weeks until you get to court. Would that be fair? That is the way the court systems treats the landlords. Then if they say the gas is bad, the judge can just give it to them free. Why is it OK to steal rent but not gas?

Glen Teel,