Liberals claim that the investigation into Trump Russia collusion is just getting started and it may take as much as seven years to get to the bottom of all of this.

What? This is totally ludicrous and here is why.

The United States of America is supposed to have the best intelligence agencies on planet earth. That includes the FBI, CIA, and many other agencies.

To date, after nearly a year of investigating, there is no evidence of collusion. How much time is needed? Do these agencies need seven, maybe ten years?

Obviously, all the agencies have everything at their disposal such as budget and staff to get to the bottom of anything. There's nothing to hold them back.

Embedded in all of these agencies are Obama holdovers wanting to protect his legacy and destroy Trump - yet, after nearly a year, there is no evidence of collusion even with highly motivated anti Trump agents doing everything in their power to find something.

If there really was collusion as so many claim, wouldn't that make our intelligence agencies by now the most incompetent on planet earth?

Add Robert Mueller, former FBI Director under Obama to the mix with a "Special Counsel" that has an unlimited budget of taxpayer monies and freedom to investigate anybody or anything - yet, can't come up with any evidence of collusion even with an army of partisan lawyers that donated to Hillary.

No, it's not incompetence. Maybe lots of corruption, but not incompetence. The facts are that Trump did not collude with Russia. There is no evidence that he did.

The claim it may take until the next century to find the evidence is just a charade to have this hoax hanging over Trump's head forever and appease Trump haters hanging on for dear life and eternity believing our president is guilty.

The guilt is with those that daily spew out false narratives, mostly mainstream media. The Trump Russia collusion story proves without a doubt whatsoever this country has a corrupt liberal media.

Media is still pushing a false narrative. It spends absolutely no time about the good things a Trump presidency is doing for this country - and just wait for the bombshells of Democrats colluding with Russia all over the place that media refuses to report.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.