Attention: People between 55 to 65 years of age I’m letting people know if you plan to retire early in life, have a plan. I deal with Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Our president needs to look at the insurance company’s at the premiums they change monthly. Every new year they go up and you don’t get anything out of it.

I’m going to be honest with you and I’ll let you know what my 2018 monthly payments are going to be.

Health premium, $698, dental rider, $45, total $743 a month. Up $90 a month from last year. This is the frustrating part $6,500 deductible. Dental part covers very good. Medial nothing unless a major surgery. Office visits usually $140. All out of pocket, to put it bluntly you’re donating to the cause and not getting no return for your investment. It’s a tax write off but you get maybe one-fourth back. A cheaper policy is offered then you would not be covered out of state of Kansas. At least at a casino you put money in and you always get something back. In a year’s time normal office visits might run $1,500.00 a year, Far from $6,500 deductible. What needs to be done a person should able to get on Medicare at 62 years of age.

The way things are going your whole retirement check will go to health insurance. My advice is have a plan 20 years prior. Giving you an idea what to plan for.

Wayne Windholz