Let's hope and pray America's justice system can recover from a black eye. Better still, make that a "black hole."

Not even a genius director or writer in Hollywood could make this stuff up.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, so let's make that clear to begin with. There's indisputable incontrovertible evidence forthcoming about massive corruption in our government for decades. It will take time to right the ship but the process, we hope, is underway.

If readers turn into news (other than liberal media) it's clear the corruption in our justice agencies and beyond is enormous. In fact, the enormity of the corruption is unprecedented in American history.

Ninety percent of our media is not reporting what has taken place within many of our government agencies, especially our FBI, Department of Justice and State Department, since Obama became president in 2009. Maybe it even goes as far back as Bill Clinton's presidency.

Does "drain the swamp" ring a bell? Trump, like no other presidential candidate before him, campaigned on draining the swamp. Democrat and some Republican establishment politicians were fit to be tied. God willing (it might take a higher power), there might be forces at work in this president's government to put an end to massive corruption of the past.

Deep, very deep, into most all government agencies are Obama holdovers determined to protect an Obama legacy and destroy Trump, the new guy on the block with a different kind of background unheard of in American political history. The Obama holdovers are known as the "deep state" out to get Trump when it was Hillary they wanted as our president.

The presidential campaign donations by government personnel to Hillary versus Trump is shocking. Hillary got over 90 percent, Trump peanuts. That in itself looks to me like a big red flag.

Instead of the deep state taking out Trump over his collusion with Russia to win the presidency, the tables have turned. No evidence has been found of Trump collusion, but mountains of evidence of collusion with Russia by Hillary and Democrats. Not only was there collusion by many Democrats, come to find out, truckloads of other corruption to put Hillary back in the White House.

Much of the corruption finally hitting the press with one bombshell after another has actually been there for years and I have known about it. Democrat Deep State, with the help of leftist media, has kept we the people from the truth and some very important facts. Americans deserve to know the truth.

I repeat: If you get your news from liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the Times, Post, etc.) you are missing the greatest scandals to ever come down the pike in American history. You've got to go to conservative news to become informed. Liberal media completely ignores the bombshells.

A good question at this point is: How did we as a country let this happen? Two things, as I see it. No. 1, all the people involved in the corruption are like-minded; therefore, nobody was questioned and all were in position to protect each other from any kind of scrutiny. Secondly, our liberal, in the tank media with Democrats, just flat out ignored what was going on. A free press, which we do not have, held nobody accountable.

Another question, and by far the most important one is, "What's at stake?" It's as if we have become a police state where government, not the people, controls all. Where is the rule of law? What about equality of law? You can bet, if Trump broke all the laws Hillary did, our president would not be in the White House. The jailhouse instead.

To straighten out the corruption of the past and make people pay for their crimes might be "the" most important thing ever for this country if there is truly equal justice for all and the rule of law.

Here are just a few of the many bombshells forthcoming. Hillary broke some dozen laws with a private email server, compromised our national security, yet exonerated by the FBI's Director James Comey. All kinds of shady stuff took place at the time. She was exonerated before an investigation even took place and the whole FBI investigation was a sham. Fast forward a year or so, and we find Comey leaked classified memos in order to get a Special Council run by Mueller for the purpose of destroying Trump. Those are crimes.

When Hillary was secretary of state, she was right up front in selling U.S. uranium to our enemy Russia. Uranium is the key ingredient for developing nuclear weapons. Following the sale, the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from Russia. During this time, the FBI Director Robert Mueller totally ignored the bribes and money laundering taking place by Russians in the U.S. to complete the sale.

There was massive corruption by the FBI in trying to destroy Trump before the election, and even now. A fake dossier that Dems and maybe the FBI paid for to destroy Trump was used to get a FISA warrant by the Obama government to spy on Trump and associates. FBI personnel directly under Comey have been caught red-handed saying something drastic needs to be done to keep Trump from becoming president.

Obviously, and this is critical to know as voters. Our intelligence and justice agencies have become completely politicized when there is nothing more important to this country for all agencies to be non-partisan. Using a double standard based on "who you are and not what you do" is going down the road of being a police state.

It appears to be a case of government agencies becoming "politicized" like never before. Politics first, justice a distant second, if even that.

Keep these key players high up in the chain in mind for their corruption. Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissman, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Yes, Hillary, of course, "and" Barack Obama.

A $64,000 question? Is the corruption so big with such big players as the Clintons and the others — is it even possible for we the people to have justice served? If not, we can kiss being a democratic republic goodbye. A good case, obviously, can be made we haven't been democratic.

And, did Obama succeed in stacking our courts with hundreds of liberal judges that fair and just trials aren't going to happen?

Les Knoll is a frequent contributor to The Hays Daily News who lives in Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.