Did you know these salaries for these people run for the rest of their life?

• President, $180,000.

• House and Senate members, $174,000.

• Speaker of the House, $223,500.

• Majority and Minority leader, $193,400.

The average teacher gets $40,065. while working.

Average salary of deployed soldier is $38,000.

If we passed a law that said any time GDP is over 3 percent, sitting Congressional members could not be re-elected, we could end the national debt.

The Congressional Reform Act of 2018 needs to read:

1. They should receive a good salary while there, save some for retirement, then be on the same program they give us when they get out.

2. All Congressional people should participate in Social Security just like the rest of us. Their retirement fund should be transferred to Social Security and they be treated just like they treat us.

3. They can purchase their own retirement fund like we do.

4. No more voting their own pay raise.

5. Congress participates in same health care system they give us.

6. Congress should abide by the same laws they impose on us.

7. All contracts made by them for them need to be void.

8. Serving in Congress should be an honor, like it was for the Founding Fathers, not a career. Go home and go back to work.

9. This could help fix Congress a great deal.

Do you think the public would vote for this?

P.S. A cap on the taxes in Hays is a good thing, in my opinion. No more million-dollar bicycle trails and such.

Glen Teel,