In a recent op-ed submitted by Dr. Richard Schrock, a biology professor at Emporia State, he explained how one’s gender and sexual orientation are the result of a complex interaction between genes and hormones during early development, or completely under the control of God for those of you who believe God gives us our unique genomes. So many of us were sickened by the religiously based and convoluted argument recently articulated in the HDN by the current president of the Family Policy Alliance, Mr. Eric Teetsel. His resolution states, “the biological sex of humans was determined by God’s hand and not by an individual’s ‘self-perception’ or medical attempts to alter the body.”

This suggests anyone who has obtained cosmetic surgery, gotten a tattoo or even cut their hair or shaved, has attempted to alter their bodies from what “God’s hand” has created. He also convolutes the multiple and independent dimensions of sexuality; physiology, gender and sexual orientation. It seems puzzling to me that, as Teetsel asserts, God would have a hand in our physiology, but not our gender or sexual orientation. The unstated conclusion is alternative genders and sexual orientations are voluntarily self-imposed by individuals, often as a symbolic means to reject God. But why would anyone self-impose a highly stigmatizing characteristic? And under Teetsel’s theology, who rejected who first?

Teetsel says his resolution “affirms the fundamental right of religious freedom and the truth of God’s good design for human sexual identity,” suggesting God intends and wants everyone to be heterosexual, all males to be masculine and all females to be feminine. But not all people are born with God’s “good design,” such as when a baby is born with mixed sexual physiology. Teetsel would leave these children as God created them, with the stigma of ambiguous physiology, when cosmetic surgery is the common preference of parents.

It all strongly suggests LGBT folks, for reasons completely beyond their control, must live unsatisfying lives, forsake sexual pleasure and try to be something or someone they are not. Why? So that certain Christians fortunate enough to be born with their body, gender and sexual orientation aligned with “Christian” theology can live in a sexually homogenous world, bask in their own self-righteousness and pat themselves on the back for saving the souls of those heathens. If this is what Christianity is all about, and it is not, then I want no part of it.

Although the Apostle Paul and some writings in the Old Testament condemn homosexuality, unlike adultery, it is not mentioned in the Ten Commandments. Jesus had virtually nothing to say about LGBT, but he did condemn adultery. Even so, when confronted by a group of religious elders with accusations against a woman convicted of committing adultery, Jesus cleverly spoiled their attempt to trick him into condemning the woman by pointing out that everyone has committed sexual sin, and he invited any among them who was pure to cast the first stone. Just like Jesus’ revelation shamed the adulterous woman’s accusers into abandoning their persecution of her, Teetsel, his organization and step-daddy Brownback, who is our nation’s new Ambassador of Religious Liberty, should be shamed into abandoning their persecution of LGBT folks and worry about their own sexual sins. Just as Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook, a Republican, described the denial of rights to LGBTs as “tyranny, pure and simple,” persecuting people for being how God made them is not only morally wrong, doing so constitutes pure hate.

Gary Brinker,