Unfortunately, common sense too often is totally lacking in today's world of American politics. Sound judgment, facts, logic and reality takes a back seat to emotion. One easily could write a book about this dilemma since the lack of common sense has become far too often the common modus operandi.

It is safe to say, lack of plain old common sense is a significant problem on both sides of the political aisle. I can prove, however, what is lacking is far more prevalent when we look at agendas and issues coming from the left.

For example, as I wrote in my last letter, does it make sense to give illegals called Dreamers special privileges and favoritism over American citizens? Obviously, that agenda clearly lacks sound judgement. Most of us have enough sense to know the underlying motive of catering to illegals by the left is to swing elections to the Democrat Party. No, obviously, most Americans are not going to support such a ridiculous agenda.

Where in the Good Lord's name is the common sense with sanctuary cities harboring illegals, many of whom have criminal records? Making residents in these cities less safe is lunacy.

Who in their right mind favors gun-free zones in our schools and along with that supports advertising with huge signs there are no weapons on the premises? Where's the sound judgment or logic by the left if we wish to provide a safe place for our children?

Where's the common sense where everybody should now give up our second amendment right to protect ourselves because 17 students (as horrific as that was) were murdered? At the same time, the gun grabbing liberals look the other way as poor defenseless unborn babies are killed at the rate of more than 2,000 per day. That is the height of hypocrisy, which makes no sense whatsoever.

It's a fact that higher taxes will cause American businesses and corporations to move to foreign countries where taxes are lower. Why wouldn't they? Lower taxes means more jobs stay in these United States. Common sense alone would tell us the higher taxes usually proposed by the left aren't the answer in creating a good economy.

When it comes to our economy and jobs, the more people working, the more taxes are paid to the government. The fewer taxes businesses have to pay, the more they can afford to hire additional personnel and at higher pay. It's a no brainer. It's a win-win for all that are involved. It's just plain old common sense that the left fights against.

No voter ID to vote makes no sense period. Arguments for no ID don't hold up in the realm of reality in as much IDs are needed for everything else. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why the left fights against voter IDs. It's obviously about cheating at the polls.

If 95 percent of mainstream media is negative toward President Trump and 95 percent of journalists in the media donated to Hillary for president, common sense alone shows Trump will not get a fair shake. In fact, it is reasonable to expect a lot of distorted and fake news about our duly elected president coming from destroy Trump media.

If Obama does something and nothing is said by media, but goes ballistic when Trump does the same thing, it clearly shows hypocrisy and common sense have nothing in common.

The worst scenario is Obama giving billions to Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Why was it necessary to give the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism another fortune of taxpayer monies in the middle of the night and in cash? It's hard to find the words to describe the stupidity (pardon my language).

There's a second one nearly as bad as the one just mentioned. Obama and Hillary sold U.S. uranium to Russia. Uranium is used to develop nuclear weapons, and we don't even have enough of this ingredient for our own development.

Why would any open minded patriotic American with common sense get caught up with silly personal stuff about Trump and overlook the president's many accomplishments. For example, Drudge Report recently showed people without jobs plunged to a 49-year low. Incomes are up the most in five years, and manufacturing expands at the fastest pace since 2004. And, that isn't even half of the great results and accomplishments by our president.

This writing is just a partial list of an endless number of agendas and issues that should be obvious to anybody with an open mind.

One's opinion about politics and the issue I address in this letter is not the same thing. Far from it.

Using one's head and not just heart needs to rule the day in November when we go to the polls for mid-term elections.

Les Knoll is a frequent contributor to The Hays Daily News.