‘No Gun” zone signs don’t mean there are no guns on site. No, it simply means no “good men” have guns.

It’s time for some honest discussion given the latest school shooting in Lakeland, Fla. The mainstream news media are not being honest. They would want you to think that they only care about our students and keeping them safe — far from it. Is it not about the same old thing since Columbine (1999) — taking all guns (not just semi-automatics) away from law abiding citizens?

Taking guns away is not the solution — it will not keep our children safe. An inanimate object (the gun) isn’t the problem. In the early 70’s when I attended high school, guns were plentiful on campus. Our culture was filled with farm kids coming to school with rifles and shotguns on gun racks in their pickup trucks. School shootings were unheard of. Now fast forward to the 90’s and we have Columbine. What changed? Our culture changed.

In 1963, Murray vs. Curlett, the Supreme Court (SC) removed bible reading and crucifixes from our public schools. In 1973, Roe vs. Wade, the SC approved the “killing of the innocents”, making abortion legal up to, and including the birth of a child. In 2015, Obergefell vs. Hodges, the SC redefined marriage, one man — one woman, to include same-sex couples. See the progression? Are these rulings good for our culture?

There is no “caring” for children in any of those 3 rulings. No Jesus, no “safe” womb, motherless children, fatherless children, no family — where is the love and concern? It is so hypocritical.

As a result, our culture has become coarse and vulgar. Violent video games are an everyday affair for kids. Hollywood glorifies violence for moviegoers. Social media can best be described as a sewer. Have you watched the nightly news lately? We are barraged 24/7 by news anchors filled with hate and rage at our president, the NRA, talk radio, Christianity, etc.

Folks, we are not going back anytime soon. I just described a 60 year period of cultural decay in our country. Even if guns were determined to be illegal today you would not get these guns out of the hands of the bad guys. The gun that will be used in the next school shooting (and yes there will be more) is already in the possession of the shooter!

I pray we could go back but we can’t. The airlines solved their problem of terror by placing an unidentified armed marshal on airline flights. Sporting events have metal detectors at all entrances and armed security throughout the stadium. Truth – bad guys are stopped by good guys with guns. It’s always been that way and will remain so.

Will we continue to seek solutions promoted by the deceitful media or seek solutions that just might work? Each school district and individual school will need to chart a course of action that will work for them.

Religious schools may indeed decide for a “no gun” policy and rely on God for protection. Some schools may have staff or teachers of virtue, on site, willing/capable to be properly trained to carry a concealed hand gun.

How about a “police room” in high schools? Local active police officers assigned to school on the days they are in session. These officers could be rotated. There could be direct interaction of these police officers with students between classes. This could be win-win. The officers could get to know the students and vice versa.

How cool would that be? Maybe an adversarial relationship could be turned into one of mutual respect while keeping our kids safe! This approach may be particularly useful in our big inner cities where law enforcement is not trusted.

One cannot merely scrape away (take away guns) at the surface of evil—one has to get down to its roots, its causes, the inner truth. We have abandoned Gods law and the Ten Commandments. Our children are dying from the consequences of turning away from God. We have established secular liberalism, political correctness, as our State religion. We have tried the media’s solution for the last 60 years. How is that working out for us?

Lawrence J. Reichert