Am I just old fashioned when it comes to politics?  What am I missing when I listen to or read the news?  

Since when do we as Americans subscribe to the thought that, if it’s about our government or politics “anything goes?” Is it okay to say anything or do anything and not worry one bit about consequences?

As a Christian, I was brought up to believe there are consequences for behaviors that are sinful. For example lying is a sin. Corruption in our country is rampant as is lying and that’s sinful. There are no journalistic ethics. The rule of law, due to corruption in our government, is in shatters ethically and morally.

There are forces of evil in this country, perhaps greater than ever before in our history. Lucifer must be smiling like never before. The immorality and total lack of Christian values and beliefs in today’s politics and government is appalling. There are those hell bent on having their own way no matter what. 

Far and away too many on the left need to do some real soul searching as they appear to have given up on being God fearing Christians. What I am trying to get across to readers I learned in the first grade as a Christian. Last time I checked, what we are to believe and do, hasn’t changed going back more than 2,000 years.

We are all born with sin, and as a sinner myself, I wonder if this issue I address isn’t above my pay grade? There are far more, in and around this part of the country, with greater qualifications I don’t even come close to on this subject. If it takes being a saint to write this letter, I don’t qualify.

However, I am going to speak my mind and exercise my First Amendment right of speaking out. Scoff at me if you want for not being politically correct by injecting religion into our politics but I’m not holding back in this letter. I don’t see many doing it. I don’t see men (or women) of the cloth speaking up. 

I believe, in what might be old fashioned, you can not support the agenda of destroying a Trump presidency and claim to be a good Christian. You can not lie through your teeth about a duly elected president without being sinful in the process. Nor can one engage in or support the corruption taking place in this country to unseat a duly elected president.

The amount of hate coming from the left is staggering. The hate for Trump and even the American way of life should scare all of us to death. Where is all of this going to end up eventually? Will violence follow? The vitriol in our politics seems to get worse each day, especially when it comes to our president of these United States. God help us.

Let’s not be fooled into thinking this is just politics as usual. What is taking place is unprecedented in this country’s history. 

Our Founders are turning over in their graves. A good case, unfortunately, could be made that we are no longer a Christian nation as our forefathers intended. Our past president said as much and then proceeded to stomp on our religious liberties for eight years. 

Do the millions on the left who want Trump destroyed consider all the falsehoods about him to be white lies?  Please!  Seems that many believe “the ends justify the means, therefore, anything goes. “Obviously, the left has their own religion. It’s called liberalism. 

I personally know people who claim, man can establish their own set of morals that are as good, if not better, than those coming from God. We don’t need to look long and far to know that’s not even remotely possible.  

For God’s sake, what are these people on the left thinking? What I mean to say is “for their own sake.” 

Les Knoll

Victoria and Gilbert, Arizona.