I see the city officials are going to give around $400,000 of our tax money to engineers so they can tell them how to build roundabouts that could cost us over $7.6 million. That’s $7,600,000 of our hard earned tax money. A lot of us thought one million for bicycle trails and around $10,000 a year to keep them up was wasteful. I wonder what it cost to tear down, then build a building on 27th and Vine, on a prime location for a business to be run, and pay taxes on so they can hand out information to tourist that can’t even find the place.

I tried to get them to hand them out at the Museum and help it out. I see they have another new car setting there now. I sure hated to see the Holiday Inn and the steak house at the mall torn down and put in the landfill. We are paying around $1 million per year to haul trash to Topeka. Couldn’t they have been reused?

Did we really need another $600,000 fire truck to follow the ambulance around in? Is that necessary?

Couldn’t they use a smaller vehicle for that? They even drive these expensive fire trucks out to the airport to inspect the fire extinguishers we have to replace or take in and have checked every year. All pilots were required to pay $50 for a card to open the gate at the airport when all you have to do in type in a number.

Is that fair?

I see the school is getting ready to ask for their $75 million that turns it to $150 million with interest again.

Many apartments and houses are setting empty now and house values have gone down already. It takes two months of rent to pay the property tax on some rentals and all home property tax has really gone up.

How much more of this wasted tax money can we afford and still live in Hays? Some people are already moving out of Hays. Do we get any say at all as to how they spend our tax money?

Glen Teel,