Radke Implement, integrity in action. In 2018, people are hard pressed to find businesses that practice honesty, integrity and remember the value of a hard earned dollar. Most businesses today in fact involve training their employees to "imply" benefits & performance to a customer they have no intention of keeping. When the customer questions the performance of the equipment or service in light of their agreement, the business response is usually "righteous indignation" that you would question them much less expect them to honor equipment performance promise. 

I knew if I ever again found a real business where they say what they mean and mean what they say I would shout from the roof tops. I am delighted to state I am shouting about Harlon and Mike Radke at Radke Implement. I encourage everyone no matter how far you must travel to do business with them.  Radke Implement is worth it.

Thank you Radke Implement for your honesty and integrity may others be inspired by you. I know I have been.

Carol Sladek

Cedar Vale