Loud and Proud Partisan Politics to What End?

Yes, I hear the tiresome and enraged outbursts of conservatives who remind all of us that there are so many liberal Trump haters out there who are snooty and holier-than-thou. Yep, you got that right. Bad, bad people they are, those PC-obsessed liberals.

Lord have mercy, open your memory vaults, Mr. and Mrs. Conservative, and recall the same kind of vicious behaviors and language directed at Clinton, Obama and even Carter--all with the same hateful intent and wild abandon as the acknowledged Trump haters today. Could it be you're all nut cases, both sick, and need life lessons in how to rise, not only above the hate, but above your prevalent knee-jerk polarized and partisan world views (which, frankly, are short-sighted)? Can anyone come up with more than just a yea or a nay, or such shallow expressions as "I got my opinion and you ain't gonna change my mind, you lamebrain liberal traitor, or you conservative with a fist or gun ready to shut me up?"

And on and on ad infinitum, ad nauseum. See, I'm even lapsing into this knuckle-dragging, self-defeating language, the equivalent of angry simian grunts. But that's one of our major problems today, especially among both Republican and Democrat extremists. They shout with angry pride, but they are, in essence, not saying much in terms of meaningful dialogue, especially in context-and-content-rich language that expresses yearnings for and seeking of practical solutions to real, down-to-earth human problems and needs for all Americans, not just a voter base of the electoral-select winner.

Sadly, many Republicans and Democrats--or, for that matter, a segment of the nonvoter or nonpartisan crowd--can't even agree on what a "fact" is. Oh, but our beliefs and opinions are to be respected and are off-limits to questioning. Nope, not in a democracy. This trend of "me right, you wrong" will persist as long as politicians circumvent reality too and, rather than actually serve the people, play to their base emotions and narrow world views in order to maintain an overpaid office in a Do-Nothing government. I confess to wondering at times if our Do-Nothing politicians are intent on what has been referred to in intelligence circles as "perception management"; so that during every election cycle they can target potential voters who are most likely to be Know-Nothing voters. Is it too much to ask that all people of any political persuasion not be "useful idiots" to the most callous and ethically challenged pretenders in the King's Court, who, in fact, misrepresent most of the American people all of the time?

So one might wonder why I close with this assessment of Trump by a respected former member of the intelligence community: "On the surface, Trump's calling 'fake news' is a way to maintain support with his voters by dismissing reports that are contrary or have a negative image toward him. The danger is that Trump is well aware that he essentially makes followers believe what he says over empirical fact. This is demagoguery." (from "The Plot to Destroy Democracy" by Malcoln Nance, Hachette Books, 2018).

Now I'll reveal why this summation. Because demagoguery from either the left or the right is the evil we must face and eradicate in order to restore America to a REAL democracy. Focus on reality, and as best one can, the facts, not mind-numbing labels that distract and deceive, mislead and misinform. And heed Jefferson: "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and will never be."

R. Joel Holmes