Recently, mailboxes in Ellis County received two pieces of campaign junk mail from Eber Phelps. The first came directly from Eber’s campaign, warning attack dogs from special interest groups in Eastern Kansas were coming to harm his campaign.  The very next day, another piece of mail — this one from the Kansas Democratic Party — arrived, targeting his Republican opponent, Barb Wasinger, by name and with a photo of her darkened to look sinister.  

This political flip-flopping by Eber is hypocrisy at its finest. To bemoan special interest involvement and negative campaigning on one day, only to turn around and do it yourself the following day! We think he holds Ellis County voters in low regard if he thinks they will be swayed by such dishonest characterizations.

We’ve known Barb Wasinger for several decades. Anyone who knows Barb also knows she’s a smart, strong conservative who thinks independently and will battle for what is right just as she has as an Ellis County Commissioner. She is firm, but fair. We also know she’s a decent and ethical woman who has promised to run a clean and positive campaign. Barb has not approved of, or consulted with, any group attempting to paint her opponent in a negative light. Frankly, she doesn’t need to. Her campaign is focused on the real issues facing our state and our district — issues like economic security, safe schools for our children and making Hays and Kansas a location of choice for future generations.

You would think after 18 years Eber would bring forth solutions to these issues, rather than slinging negativity and invective.  Frankly, these mailers reek of desperation. Ellis County voters deserve better, and they will get it by voting for Barb Wasinger as State Representative for the 111th District.

Sandy Jacobs and Dean Haselhorst

Co-Chairs Barb for Kansas