There is change coming in Topeka, there’s no arguing that.

No matter what happens at the top, the statehouse won’t be the same after Tuesday’s general election.

If — and help us all if it is — it’s Kris Kobach, we’ve got a fight in front of us. If it’s Laura Kelly, then changes might be coming in swift motions.

Either way, the hope is our state is on the road to recovery from a failed plan put forth by the Sam Brownback administration. Aiding the hope of healing our wounds, we’ll need strong, experienced leaders in Topeka.

We get that with Eber Phelps, D-Hays, and Ken Rahjes, R-Agra, incumbent candidates for the 111th and 110th Districts in the Kansas House, respectively.

Phelps has 18 years of service in the statehouse and has a consistent track record at the state and local levels, having also served 10 years as a city commissioner in Hays.

Phelps’ opponent, Ellis County Commissioner Barb Wasinger, has strong qualities in her own right.

However, given our current local matters and fiscal crossroads, her meritorious leadership is more needed in her current role, and not as a rookie at the state level.

Rahjes’ involvement within the House in assigned committees gives him a leg up over challenger Kim Thomas, the Stockton mayor.

Phelps and Rahjes — while not always in agreement — have proven themselves to keep their constituents in mind, and are the best selections in their respective regions to help guide our state back on a desirable path.

The Hays Daily News also offers endorsements for:

• Brian McClendon, Secretary of State

• Derek Schmidt, Attorney General

• Butch Schlyer, Ellis County Commisison

• Laura Kelly, Kansas governor

• Roger Marshall, U.S. House, First District.

Editorial by Nick McQueen