Amidst all the nasty rhetoric and inability of our elected officials to get things done, my conservative friend and I who have very different political viewpoints, had a discussion about how to handle the large group of migrants trekking across Central America. Here is how we came to an agreement on how to deal with this issue.

The first thing we did was to agree on established facts. These people are fleeing violence and poverty in several Central American countries. A similar situation happened in the past year and most of them did not enter the United States. The few who did were processed and a few were arrested, many stayed in Mexico and some turned back. It will take this group a month to get to the U.S. border so there is time to prepare.

Since we have time, detention facilities can be prepared and personnel can be moved as necessary There is no need to separate families. As migrants are questioned those who have criminal records can be arrested and the others can be processed as we have always done. In other words, follow the procedure. This might take a little longer with a large group, but stick to the process.

It wasn’t that difficult to agree on a solution because we weren’t trying to make political points as our elected officials often seem to do. We established a set of facts we could agree on. Then we started looking for a practical solution instead retrenching to an ideological tribalism.

Let’s elect people who look for solutions instead of reacting on ideological grounds. Think before you vote.

Chuck Schmidt,